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Necktie is generally a stylish long piece of cloth that is worn around the neck area. This clothing piece should be worn in such a way that it rests around your shirt collar and knotted at the throat portion. This is a fashion accessory perfect for decoration purpose and it is the main reason why most of the men prefer wearing fashionable ties around their neck. Probably, at some point in your life, you need to dress your best in order to impress everyone. Whether it is formal event or casual party, you need to dress up right according to the specific occasion and make everyone amazed at your look. Ties play a major role in creating a formal outlook that is just right to stun the superiors in your workplace. Ties are versatile clothing pieces that can give out both formal and casual elegance.

When you don in this versatile fashion accessory, you will find a new stylish time in your life. You can easily get stylish ties made from cotton, polyester, satin, nylon, silk and any number of other materials. Silk ties are the most popular form of ties that is preferred by men all around the world. Silk ties are perfect for casual occasions, dinner parties, wedding events etc, whereas formal ties are preferred mostly for formal settings. The kind of tie you choose totally depends on your personal taste, occasion ad most importantly your outfit. In fact, there have been numerous sorts of men’s ties throughout time.

Mens ties appear to have evolved from the tradition of wearing simple neck scarf and now they are iconic fashion accessories loved by men from all walks of life, regardless of gender in fact. Yes, women too started wearing these fashion accessories to enhance their beauty. Nowadays, neckties are a must have fashion accessory for dressy occasions and they do come in almost all colors imaginable. Also, they are available in various sizes, designs and patterns to meet the fashion demands of modern upscale gentlemen. You always have to choose ties according to your occasion, put it on and look great.

If you are about to attend a business conference or important office meeting, you can go for plain dark blue or black ties. For parties and dinner nights, you can turn to silk ties, velvet ties or Steve Harvey ties. For festive occasions, you can try wearing patterned ties like stripe ties, plaid ties, polka dot ties, paisley ties and novelty ties. If you confused about choosing colors that suit your outfits, you can go for a tie that catches your eyes at that moment and proceed to look stunning. There are also designer ties available that can be worn for all your informal occasions. Wearing decent ties is a growing trend in the recent time and it is sure to make you look fashionable everywhere. In today’s time, no formal outfit will be considered formal without a perfect tie.

Achieve the desired look easily

Like womens fashion, mens fashion too changes often and men need to update to the newer scale to get ahead in the fashion game. Mens ties are perfect wardrobe staples that will never move out of fashion scene any time. With these ties, you will have an update modern look that just can’t be beaten. Keeping up with the fashion changes will make certain that you look best all the time. Be it a formal or casual setting, you need to dress up right with this stylish fashion accessory and look outstanding. Dressing fashionable doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on many items, but you have to get these simple fashion accessories and enhance your existing look. Simply learn the latest trends in men’s ties, add some extraordinary pieces into your wardrobe, wear them for your occasions and look stylish and sexy everywhere.

In order to look good, you don’t have to go for expensive ties, but these ties can be available at cheap prices that everyone can easily afford. These clothing pieces also make sure that your style is completely modern while still expressing your individual personality excellently. You will have a classy look when you wear these fashionable clothing pieces. These ties are just smaller additions that can add a luxuriousness and sophistication to your look. With these ties, you can make a big fashion statement that can make many heads turn towards your way. They are versatile accessories that can easily blend with all your outfits and ooze out a graceful elegance hidden in you. If you choose to wear ties of classic color with elegant pattern, you can easily make your look more and more interesting.

These clothing pieces have become very popular among the young men and are a great accessory for both a suit as well as a neat fitted modern button up shirt and casual jeans. When worn, these ties will give you a great chance to look professional, approachable and trendy. In addition, they make you stand out from a huge crowd. Sine, it is important for men to look equally attractive and intellectual these days, men often go for these fashion accessories. There are numerous fun ways to add an attractive tie to your wardrobe, even if you are about to attend a casual dinner party. Your options are infinite and you can easily find a wonderful tie for any of your outfit. These clothing articles have been around for many decades and over the time, they have evolved into a style statement. If you would like to bring everyone’s attention on you at the next occasion or party, or even in your workplace, a decent looking neat fitted tie will do wonders for you.

Factors to consider before buying a tie

Given below are some important things that you need to have in mind when buying ties for yourself:


Texture of the ties play a vital role in making you look professional and refined. For a conservative look, you can try wearing ties with bold textures that speak volumes. Even if you are a fashion enthusiast, you can update your look just by adding these versatile bolder clothing articles. These ties are great for all seasons and they make you look fashionable all the time. Ties made of luxuriously textured fabrics will give you a stunning look when worn for special occasions in your life including wedding event, birthday parties and dinner nights. When you are searching for ties, you must go for one that has a distinctive texture and made of unique material that will make you feel comfortable in. traditional silk ties usually come with nubby texture that will give you an updated look that is just right to catch the attention of everyone.


As we all know, color is an indispensable thing that can make or break any look. Bold colors are a growing trend this season and men often prefer wearing bolder colors including red ties, royal blue ties, brown ties, burgundy ties and much more. Bolder colors don’t mean that you look like a kid, but they let you add some fun and flavor into your regular ensemble. When these ties are properly matched with your outfits, you will have glamorous look that can never be replaced by any other fashion accessories. Simply turn to 100% silk solid ties, put them on and add more to your look. A man with neat and stylish tie is well placed in the world and identified by everyone easily.


Gone are the days, when men had to wear solid patterned ties alone, but now that scene has gone and many new designs and patterns are introduced in the making of men’s ties. You can have ties with thin pencil stripes and thick chalk stripes as per your occasion and rock the events. Highly inspired by nautical styles, today’s fashion designers create ties that will give out an Ivy League look that makes them ideal for most of the formal events. You can wear chalk striped ties with rugby style shirts to have a refined elegance in both formal and casual settings. These ties help you instantly make a fashion statement. By choosing different patterns, you can have both subtle look and bolder look. You can choose to wear ties either with patterns or designs and give yourself a neat look. There are striped ties available to be worn for workplaces, dotted ties for wedding events, crossed ties for casual events and solid plain ties for formal events. You can also have ties with images and letters designed on them. These are not preferred for formal occasion, but helpful for brand promotion or any social awareness projects. You can also have funny and wild ties for your occasions and on balance, it all depends on your individual preference and personality.


This is the most important factor to be considered deeply before choosing a perfect tie for you. Ties can be made of any material from jean to polyester, silk to cotton and even nylon to satin. Silk ties are the most popular ones because of their wrinkle resistance properties and high durability. Silk ties give you an elegant look and don’t need to you to maintain it regularly. Cotton ties are more common, but they require additional maintenance and require ironing before wearing. Jean ties are not that much common, but are preferred for their unique look. These ties are usually worn to have a western look.

Other than the aforementioned things, you need to consider the size of the ties before going for one. There are short ties, long ties, skinny ties and wide ties readily available to suit your body frame right. If you have shorter stature, you can turn to short ties. If you have a taller body frame, you can go for either tall ties or wide ties. Skinny ties are perfect for leaner men. Whatever is your choice, you are sure to look good and amaze everyone assembled. You can even have matching bowties to accentuate your masculine look. In order to avoid clumsy look and unmatched patterns, you can buy a set comprises of necktie, bowtie and matching suspenders. They will give you a neat and rich look when worn.

No matter the occasion, a tie is always appropriate and you should always have at least 2 or 3 ties of different patterns in your collection. There are ties available for everything, formal events, wedding parties, workplaces, relaxed outing with family and even funerals. Knowing the ways to match your ties with your existing wardrobe collection will reward you more for sure. After all, the choice is totally yours and you need to depend on a perfect tie that compliments your outfit better and you can relish in your unique style. For a jazzy look, you can choose to wear simple black tie. There are also thin and thick ties available in almost all colors imaginable. Necktie styles have been changed a lot and today they are not very loud, but can be extremely pressing to add more to your look. So it is extremely important to know the ways to coordinate your tie with your attire to have a right balance and harmony.

The tie you put on should convey an excellent formal image to your esteemed clients that will help you keep your business get ahead and have some new business to boot. On balance, people are great judges of character, simply by looking what you put on and how neatly you put them on. Men’s ties are perfect gift items too. Christmas parties, birthday events and anniversaries are all perfect occasions for tie giving. In a nutshell, neckties are huge and worthy investments that can last for your lifetime, if maintained right. So, you need to take care of your ties as best as you can. If you look after your ties properly, they will look after your appearance. Check out the available collections in many online suit shops today and find something to your liking.