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Black 3 Piece Suit


Black Suit Black suits undeniably have a quite tight hold of the formal menswear from the early times till today. The black 3 piece suit trend have definitely lost the appeal in recent times with people being open to colored suits but it is nowhere near disappearing. This is because of the fact that however high your fashion factor might be everyone of the men who wears suits will have a black suit in his wardrobe that he wears for special occasions. But the black suits need not have to be boring when you know how to make it fun. Thus we recommend you to go with 3 piece suit since it offers more options in the styling aspect.

For people who wonder 3 piece suits are the ones that come with the addition of vest to the usual set of trousers and jacket of the suit. The vest is also commonly known as the waistcoats in some countries. The reason why we recommend you to go with such suit preferably as your first suit is because of the obvious fact that men look great in the formal classic style of suit but also due to the fact that the three piece offers you more styling options than the simple 2 piece suits that we are used with. On the first glance the extra piece which is the vest might not look like a very prominent addition but when you get to know the details and some of the best trends of the recent times then you would definitely appreciate the addition of the vest.

Before going into the styling details it might be better to learn something more about this classic suit that seems to be in the history of menswear for a long time now but managed to stay subtle over the years. For the story of evolution of the three piece suits you will have to learn about the evolution of suits in itself since the style is as old as the suits. The black suits at the start were considered to be the clothing of the royals and the lords and over time it became a special clothing among men of all classes which they wear to the special events and festivities. After that it became a common garment that men wear to their everyday business. There was even a time when the farmers worked on the fields while wearing the suits. Thus the evolution of the suits is an interesting topic which subtle changes like the fits happening over the centuries.

Black Suit In the same way the suit also have been in use for centuries but have undergone very little changes over the long period. This is one of the reason why it is considered to be a classic style. The main difference between the suit of that time and the mens suit that we have now is the length of the jackets. The jacket of the suit at that time were longer and it sometimes even reached the knee or the level of the calves of the wearer. But the jackets of this suit that we have now are trimmer and mostly end at the lower waistline. As for the length of the vest or the waistcoat it is best to have them cover the belt on the waistband of your trousers while standing upright.

The black 3 piece suits were the norm at that time and men who stepped out in anything less were being frowned upon. They were mostly used by the lords and royals of that time and thus anyone wearing a suit were considered to be high in status. But with time the limitation diluted and now everyone are open to wearing the suits. With time the men started wearing the suits even indoors since the extra layer of the vest offered warmth in the cold climate. The vest idea was originally formed to give the men a proper shape while wearing the suit. The fitting garment which the vest accentuates the persons shape thus aiding in creating the perfect tapered look for the suit jacket.

The classic suit style prevailed for a long time but when the World War started the raw materials for the clothing industry were rationed and any garment that were not considered an absolute necessity were avoided. Thus the extra piece of the suit which is the vest was left out and thus men started getting used to the black 2 piece suit look. After the situation came back to normal some stuck to the 2 piece suit style thus making the suit style to dwindle away.

The mens black 3 piece suit style have been in and out of style for the remaining period. In recent times the 3 piece suit style have starts getting a lot of attention and surprisingly among the younger generation. Thus if you are a person who haven't heard about the style or have been consciously avoiding the look then it is the perfect time to give the style a try.

Black Suit Another major difference of the early style of 3 piece suit to that we have now is the fabric of the suit. While at that time heavy wool 3 piece suits were the ones that were mostly available the clothing industry has progressed a great deal and now we have different suiting fabrics that are much more comfortable than the heavy wool suits. There are variations of wool suits available like the flannel suit and worsted wool suit. Tweed suits and cashmere 3 piece suits are available if you need a thicker garment which is also comfortable.

Other than this you can also try out the lighter ones like cotton suit and linen suits. The major breakthrough in the clothing industry which greatly reduced the price of the clothing was the introduction of synthetic fabrics. At the time of introduction the synthetic ones like polyester suits and rayon suits were advertised to be even better than the natural fabric suits but available at a lower price range. But with time people found that the synthetic suits are less comfortable and less durable than the natural fabric ones but since they were available at a lower price it became an instant hit.

As for styling the black suit most men avoid it since it is not a common style and some are confused on the appropriate events to wear the suit. The black suits are best to be reserved for formal events that have some kind of importance. You can see the major personalities of the corporations and hotshot businessmen rocking the black suit style with confidence. This is the reason why we recommend you to go with black suits when you want to feel important and authoritative for any event like a serious business meeting or a presentation. Other than these if you are looking for a event to style the black 3 piece suit apart from work then the best recommendation is the weddings. The vested look makes you look impeccable and is even a style that is often recommended for the grooms.

Black Suit Now here we are going to give some tips that might help you with the proper styling of the black 3 piece suit. If you are styling the black suit for a business look then it is best for you to pair the single breasted black suit with a white dress shirt and a red tie. This business black suit look can be complete when you add a pair of mens Oxford shoes to the ensemble. For an elegant look you can add a red pocket square too.

If you are styling the suit for a wedding then you can opt for a dressy look by pairing the velvet suit with a white dress shirt and red tie. If you are the groom then you can even opt for a double breasted 3 piece suit look which makes you look extra classy. If you are attending a dinner party and you don't mind being the best dressed one then you can go in an all suit. If you want to take it up a notch then go with silk suit.

If you are a person who is bored with the usual black suit look and would die to try out something new then you can mix up your look a little by going with patterned suits. Pinstripe suit might be one of the best choices for a all business look. Plaid suits are also good choices but when you need a style that makes you look elegant we recommend you to try out the classy ones like floral suits or paisley suits. Herringbone suits and houndstooth suits are some of the recommendations for casual styling when it comes to formal date nights or such events.

As mentioned before the classic suit is a great way to experiment a little. For example if you want to spice up your look you can wear the suit with an odd vest. An odd vest denotes a vest that does not have the same color or sometimes even the material of the rest of the suit. For example a notch lapel suit with a contrasting color vest is a good look that will be sure to garner some attention for the wearer.

Black Suit For a dandy look you can lose the jacket of the suit and go with the mens vest and trousers look. For example a slim fit suit minus the suit jacket paired with a white dress shirt and black bow tie is a great look for a semi formal summer wedding. This is one of the main reasons that the suit is preferred. You can wear the 3 piece suit but when you get stuffy you can just lose the jacket and still get a wonderful slim silhouette dressy look. For a casual look you can pair the peak lapel black three piece suit with a light blue dress shirt and lose the tie option. If you feel it is too much then you can simply lose the vest and go with the usual black 2 piece look.

A skinny fit suit with black dress shirt outfit has a inadvertent dapper look that makes you look dressy. Complete the all black attire look with black socks and black leather oxford shoes. Instead of going with this style you can spice it up a little by pairing the suit with brown shoes too. When you want a classy yet stylish look you can pair the modern fit suit with mens white dress shirt and simply forgo the tie option. For a little more distinct look you can go with patterned shirts like striped dress shirts. The usual black suit with tie option is the one most recommended but this without tie style will also work when styled right.

The black suit price might be a little high when compared to the price of the black 2 piece suits but remember that you can get much more from the former garment and hence it is worth the price. Thus make sure that you get your pick of quality black suit this season.

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