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Blue Linen Suit

Linen Suit With summer mens linen suits are back in style. Linen Suit for men are trademark summer clothing and have been the best there is. Linen being a porous material allows the air to circulate thus maintaining your cool. They are good conductors of heat and this makes the fabric cool to touch. With the mercury rising you may not be very thrilled to continue with your regular woollen suits and sweat through the day. Linen by being moisture absorbing fabric offers the escape that you will need from drenched backs. This fabric unlike cotton does not retain the absorbed moisture by drying out fast.

Linen is a lightweight fabric and thus you may not need to sweat about the consequence of its weight. Linen is a natural fabric that is woven from the flax plant and can be made stiffer or softer. It is made of very long staple that is much longer than cotton and this makes the fabric stronger and resistant to abrasion. If you feel that the weave is tight you can always go for an unlined jacket.

Linen is often avoided as a office wear because it can get wrinkly. This may be a mistake in the coming times that adopt more casual , relaxed office look. This crumples look of the linen can give you a sophisticated and lived in look. It is now being adopted by younger generation who prefer a comfortable cool look over a strict professional one. When choosing linen suits as your office attire make sure to tick a few basic boxes and then you are ready to go.

Always have the suit dry cleaned and well pressed before you wear it. Though you cannot avoid the creasing the dry cleaning will make it look fresh for a extended period of time. When sitting down just make sure to hand the jacket in the hanger and never on the back of your chair since it will only maximize the wrinkling.

It may be tempting to simply pair the mens suitswith a linen shirt. But take the time to match it with a suitable cotton dress shirt. This mix and match of the fabrics will add texture to your outfit and makes it look civilised.

Linen ha the natural look of a casual wear fabric and thus it may be clever to lose the tie unless it is strictly required. You can pair the look with a mens overcoat but remember that if you need a overcoat to stay warm then the climate is too early for linen.

Mens linen suits can be worn as a full 3 piece suit or as seperates. . If you aren't comfortable for a whole linen look you can always pair the linen jacket with a darker color jeans or chinos. This may give you a more casual look than the conservative one the full linensuit offers.

Linen Blazer The color choice is based on the event that you wearing the suit to. Lighter colors are acceptable to casual events but if it is one that involves work it is better to go with darker colors like black and blue.

While black can work blue is the most preferred color when it comes to office wear. The versatility it offers is unrivaled and can be worn at any climate due to its wide spectrum range. Be it any shade you want bright, light or darker ones. You name it and you can find it.

That being said the universality may become a problem since the abundance and the varities it offers can make the choice hard. This may be avoided if you know some basic rules on what to buy and what not to.

White shirt works best with Mens blue linen suit. If you consider it a cliche outfit you can create a little contrast with lighter shades of pink or blue that makes your suitcolor pop. Most colors work well with the blue unless they contrast it too much that it overpowers the blue. Bright shades are best to be avoided. Striped shirts are good but stick with the small ones.

Mens blue linen suit paired with mens blue dress shirt is a winning combination. It is a classic combo and gives a effortless elegant look. Just select a good texture and ensure it is well fitted and you are good to go. Pink is for the people who likes to make bold statement and are more adventurous. If it is a formal event keep the shade light and pairing it with a purple or blue tie may be a good choice.

If it is a casual event black shirt with the blue linensuit will do the job. Black works well with the darker shades like for example a black shirt with a navy blue mens suit can be a royal look.

If your suit is well fitted and you are young man who considers the above look too conservative then you can replace the shirt with a t shirt and pair it with sneakers for a more casual look.

Linen Blazer When it comes to ties basic rule is to go for darker shades like black or navy but it isn't a crime if you opt for colors like red, brown and greens. Polka dots and stripes can be a good choice but ensure that your suit is plain and if the suit is striped keep your tie and shirt simple. This makes the ensemble look coordinated. Blue ties look good with blue linen suit but choose a heavy texture to differentiate it. Black or grey are the classic colors and is easily a choice for your office wear. Red looks good with blue and so does colors like brown, salmon and burgundy that falls into the same spectrum. They are more of a power look than subtle.

Shoe colors that go with the blue linen mens suits are brown and black. If the suit is of lighter shade it is better to go with black. If it is on darker side like mens loafers , oxford or mens sneakers are the styles of choice.