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Teal Green Suit

Teal Green Suits Usually when we talk about suits and such venture into the territory of the colored suits we tend to lose half the audience. For most men colors do not mean anything other than navy and grey when it comes to suits or any formal garments. But fashion progressing with a greater speed than we have ever seen it do before it is time to step out of that comfort circle and think of trying out colored suits. Today our recommendation for you is to go with teal green suits.We already know that most of the male population would not even know that there is a color called teal but today we intend to change that and convince you on why the teal green color suits would be a great choice for your next purchase.

Teal refers to cyan green color and is named after a bird called Eurasian teal since the bird has similar colored stripe on its head. Teal can be created by mixing cyan to the green base and then deepening the look with a pinch of black or grey. Teal is a beautiful color which has been in use for a long time but also being ignored by menswear for that long a time. Only now with a lot of rule breaking and prejudices thrown away teal has seen the light of the day when it comes to menswear.

When it comes to colors we are aware that there are a million shades available but where is the fun if we always stick with the two that are even classified as neutrals. Pulling off a colored suit style might not be as hard as you think and you will never know until you try it. Finding your skin tone would help you find colors that would look good on you. After finding these colors it would do you good if you start with the one that you feel the most comfortable with. Once you have mastered the style you would have gained enough confidence to try out the other styles too. Getting started with the style is the hardest part and once you have passed that threshold it is a walk in the park thereafter.

Coming back to the green suits mens, they tend to look great on people who have cool skin tones. The styling of these suit matters the most and since it is relatively a new color you might not have much idea about how the combinations would work. Thus we have brought you a list of the colors that tend to pair well with teal green thus helping you figure out the right combination that would work for this suit outfit.

Teal green and white
Teal Green Suits White of course is the first color of recommendation for pairing with almost any color suits since the neutral shade pairs perfectly with almost all colors. If you are trying out the teal green suit style for the first time and want to keep things subtle then there is no better choice than white.

This golden combination would get you through literally any type of event given that you select the combining garments right. For example if you are attending a formal event like a dinner party related to work then it is recommended for you to stick with the darker shades. Pairing the dark green suit with a white dress shirt, white pocket square and a light violet silk tie would be a cool look for the event. But if you want to look dressed up more then we would suggest you to go with the teal green 3 piece suits since the vested style would always deliver a more sophisticated look than the 2 piece suits. A teal green dinner suit would also be a great look if you want to impress people in the event.

On the other hand if the event is more on the casual style you can lose the tie and go with styling these suit with the white long sleeve shirt that has the top 2 buttons open. For a more casual and fun look you can simply style these suit with a white crew neck t-shirt and a pair of white print canvas low top sneakers.

Teal green and black
Black is another neutral that pairs well with teal green but there is a vast difference between this combination and the above mentioned one. While the white with teal green combination is known to be standard and relaxing the black with teal green combination would be turning heads. Black is always connected with elegance when it comes to menswear and black combining garments with colored suits are known to give out a slick look.

For an outfit that you can style to the casual dinner parties and such we would suggest you to style the teal green colour suit with a black silk dress shirt and then complete the look with a pair of black leather Chelsea boots. For a more casual look you can swap the dress shirt with a. Black crew neck t-shirt. It all depends on the look that you prefer and also the nature of the event you are attending

Teal green suit with printed shirts
Teal green suits are a new addition to many people and thus most of you would be thinking of styling it for the casual events. Teal suits would be a perfect look for the summer events like parties and such but make sure to put some effort into finding the right look. For example if you are looking for a green wedding suit that you can style as guest attire for a summer wedding then you can go with the printed shirts like the floral ones since it offers a better look. Other than this you can also try styling the garment as separates like pairing the teal suit jacket with jeans and such.