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Wheat Suits

Are you hunting for a summer suit to add to your wardrobe collection? We have a suggestion for you – suits. Wheat color suits are one of the most popular styles in today’s fashion and we would like you to explore the style. If you are a person who is bored with the usual navy suits and charcoal suits and have been wanting to try out a new style for the bright season then this suit is just the style for you. There are various styles in the wheat suits and you can make your pick according to your need. In this article we discuss more about this suit style and how it can be used for various occasions.

Wheat Sand Suit For people who are still not clear about the wheat suits we are obligated to explain before we go into the detail of styling the suit. By definition wheat color refers to a light yellow shade which resembles the color of the wheat grain. Wheat as a color is said to have been used in first in 1711. Wheat color is classified as warm neutral and is close to the tan and beige shades but only with the iconic golden touch to it. If you want a warm neutral that would make your outfit look more interesting then you should try going with these suits.

Since wheat shade lies in the lighter side of the color spectrum it is best to be styled for the summer and spring events. The dark colors are said to absorb heat and to keep yourself cool through the hot day it would be best for you to go with the light colored suits like the wheat suits. If you are fan of the neutrals then you might already have some idea about styling of these suits. We have also compiled some of the styling ideas and ideal combinations for the wheat color mens suits and thus you don’t have to worry too much even if you aren’t quite acquainted with the style.

As we have mentioned before the suits are quite close to the tan suits but with a more sophisticated look. Thus taking your tan suit styling knowledge and putting it to use with the suits might be a great way to start. While getting the suits it would be best to pay special attention to the right shade so that you don’t get pushed into the orange territory. This small mistake might make the suit reside in your wardrobe for eternity without seeing the light of the day. If you are shopping suits online make sure that the site is trusted and then make your pick.

As for the styling suits in reality are not very hard to style if you get to know the basics. Since the suits are light colored in nature it would be best if you keep the ensemble simple so that the suits remain the area of focus. You can even choose to style the suits as separates like pairing the wheat colorsuit jacket with other colored garments to achieve a balanced look. This would be a great choice for people who are trying out the light colored suit style for the first time and are not very confident with the whole suit look.

Celebrities always provide stunning examples in fashion – if you know who to look. Finding the ones whose outfit choices match your taste would be a great advantage in upping your fashion game. We monitor celebrity fashion for work and thus we have come across quite some styles. Here are some of the eye catching celebrity outfits which might help you find your own style with the suits.

Riz Ahmed
For the time 100 Gala event that he attended Riz Ahmed was spotted wearing a slimfit suit which he paired with a black dress shirt and a white pocket square. Usually people would go with a pair of black leather shoes to complete the look but the British actor and rapper decided to go tonal by adding with the outfit a pair of dark brown leather oxford shoes.

If you are a person who likes to add contemporary styles to your outfit choices then you should consider copying Riz Ahmed’s style for your own. This would be a great look if you are attending a summer event like a beach wedding or garden parties. Wheat suits are great choices for the weddings but if you are the groom then we would urge you to make a more formal choice like going with tuxedo wheat color suit or wheat color dinner suit. This way even though the garment is light in color it would still provide you with a dressed up look.

Brad Pitt
For an outdoor event that the Fight club star attended in the year 2000 he was seen wearing a wheat color mens suit which he paired with a white dress shirt and a charcoal grey scarf. He was the perfect image of wealthy sophistication with the perfectly styled hair and the dark brown gold Rimmed sunglasses. If you are attending a summer party with the important guests attending then this would be a cool look. But if you want the look to be more serious then you can choose to go with the vested wheat color suits. The wheat 3 piece suits give out a more dressed up look making it appropriate for these events.

Michael Fassbender
The counselor’s choice of styling the wheat color suit blazer with a white dress shirt and dark brown dress pants is an achievable style for almost anyone. You can add style it with other colors depending on your taste. When you go with the suit jackets or mens blazers it would even be better to try including patterns into your outfit. Pinstripe wheat color suit jackets and windowpane suit jackets are some of our recommendations.