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Grey Chalk Stripe Suit

Grey Suit We all know the appeal of the grey suits. It has become an essential style that is reliable to get you through any type of day be it attending formal or casual events. Finding the right style matters and the versatility of the suit lets it adapt to any type of look. But that does not necessarily mean that you will have to stick with the same old solid grey suits. It is possible to alter the look a little and aim for a more stylish look. Our recommendation for today is the grey chalk stripe suits – yes not the pinstripe suits but chalk stripe suits. Most people would not have tried chalk stripe suits even once in their lifetime and we are here to tell you why you should change that if you are one among them.

To start with let us explain what is chalk stripe to people who are still not aware of the style (although this is highly unlikely). You would have been acquainted with the pinstripes and the chalk stripes are just wider version of the these stripes. When compared to a pinstripe suit a chalk stripe suit has thicker stripes that are placed wider apart. This makes the garment look more casual and relaxed than the pinstripe suit style. Now people who do have a pinstripe suit in their wardrobe would mostly be using it for the formal events and such since the pinstripes are subtle. Pinstripe suits in many cases look solid when looked from a distance and thus even are suited to be worn as work garment.

But chalk stripe suits on the other hand are a bolder choice which might be a suitable style to be worn for the work events. Instead you can use the mens chalk stripe suits for the casual and fun events. It is always welcome to step out of the formal zone a little on your off days and have fun with your outfit choices instead of always sticking with the navy suits and other garments that gets you through the work week.

When it comes to purchasing a mens grey chalk stripe suit there are a few things that you will have to consider. There are different shades in the grey suits and we all know that our first choice would be to go with dark grey pinstripe suits and get it over with. Dark grey striped suits are indeed versatile but where is the fun if all the suits in your wardrobe look more or less the same? Thus we urge you to takes some time and learn about different shades. If you get to know more about the shades and the styling you might feel more confident in trying them out. If you still want to stay with the dark grey striped suit then it is fine but if you are getting the suit to be worn for summer and spring events then we would suggest you to try going with the light grey pinstripe suits and more.

Grey Suit If you are convinced about trying out the style and want some inspiration then we are here to provide just that. Though people would love to look on a style most people would not want to try it on their own since they consider it hard to pull off. But there is no unattainable style and the key factor that is missing with most people is the confidence. With the right amount of confidence and some basic styling points it is possible to achieve any style. Now when talking about confidence there is no better place to look than to the celebrities. Most of the fashion trends that we have today start with these people who are ready to try out new styles in spite of constant scrutiny. Here we bring some of the impressive grey striped dress suit outfits of celebrities that might finally convince you to try out the style.

Chris Pine
For the photoshoot he did the star wars actor was spotted wearing a dark grey chalk stripe suit which he paired with a white dress shirt and a pair of black leather dress shoes. There are two styles of striped suits – the ones that come with matching stripes and the ones that come with contrasting stripes. Chris Pine’s suit was of the latter type – white stripes on dark grey suit. The subtle detailing makes the suit more attractive. If you are looking for a formal suit that you can work to a dinner event then you should consider this style.

Cole Sprouse
For the people who have watched friends Cole Sprouse will always be Ben but the star has now created in own path in the industry with his acting skills. His fashion game is also on point. For an event that he attended the Five feet apart actor was spotted wearing a grey slim fit suit that he paired with a navy blue dress shirt. Along with the casually styled hair and a pair of black leather Chelsea boots this is a style that is worth borrowing. If you are attending a semi formal wedding and want to look dressed up for the event you can choose this style but make sure that you do not overpower the groom. On the other hand if you are the groom then you can choose a more formal grey pinstripe suit wedding outfit since you will be the main attraction of the event. For example instead of usual style like the 2 piece grey pinstripe suit you can choose dressier ones like 3 piece grey pinstripe suits. Want inspiration? Look to David Beckham since the man looks like he was born in a 3 piece suit.

Other than this you can also choose the casual ones like grey pinstripe Zoot suit when you are purchasing for casual events like summer parties. For the winter formal use we would recommend you to think of grey striped suit coat outfits.