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Black Windowpane Suit

Black Windowpane Suit Mens suits are are a versatile commodity to own and there are a lot of styles to choose from. Mens suit have a long drawn history that dates back to late 17th century. Thus the suits only have changed in details along the changing fashion but the general structure have remained constant. Now the styles that are old are making a comeback in names of vintage look. One such style, windowpane suits are back in style to rule the fashion circuits of men. If you are a person who likes to flaunt old styles then learning about these window pane suits may be a good thing for you.

If you are wondering what exactly is a window pane style, they refer the patterns that have slim lines that crosses to give shapes like the one in old style window panes. These patterns are coming back to style and many are adding it to their wardrobe collection. Every now and then a style comes back from time and stay the talk of the town before it disappears completely. But this window pane suits are here to stay and this is because its practicality. This has the great advantage of making a slim guy look puffed up while giving a slimming look to larger sized men. The patterns are the cause of this and selecting a suitable pattern would do the magic. If you are a large sized man it is better to go for rectangular patterns of window panes since they give a slightly elongated image and thus making the look slimmer.

Black Windowpane Suit They are very straight forward and the elegance and old world simplicity it radiates is unmatched. The simple look is the ideal option for men who are chromatically challenged and consider it a torturous task to select and coordinate the colors of their suits, mens shirts, suit jackets and ties.

They mostly lean on the formal side of the clothing and can be a ideal choice for it being used as office wear. Stick with basic colors like black and blue. Black is a classic color and is versatile in its use. The patterns in the black can give a lighter look and best for daily wear. Match the color of the shirt with the color of the lines in the window pane suit. Black suits with white lines are the basic style and this can be easily paired with a crisp white shirt that gives you a elegant look. If you are thinking of a mote quirky outfit then you can go for printed shirts. Polka dots and even plaids work the black suits when you coordinate the color of the overall outfit. The window lane jackets can be worn as seperates but for a bold, old style look go for a whole window pane suit. A 2 piece black and white window pane suit paired with a well pressed white shirt can give you the look of casual elegance. They work best for events like weddings and date nights.