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Tailcoat Suit

Tailcoat Suit Tuxedo is the most formal garment now for men but did you know that there is an attire that is more formal than the black tie attire? We are talking about the white tie attire that consists of the tailcoat suits as the major element. The white tie attire is rarely used now in the United States but there was a time when men were required to show up in the suit for the major events. Even today when there is a royal event happening in the United Kingdom, you will men sporting the style. If you want to know more about the mens long tail coat suit style then this article is for you.

For a black tie attire, we go with a black tuxedo and thus you might think that the white tie attire consists of a white tuxedo. No, only the tie is white. The white tie attire also requires the attendee to show up in the black tuxedo but the structure of this is different from the tuxedo style that we have now. The tailcoat is a knee length coat that comes with the rear section that is structured like a skirt and the front portion of this skirt being cut away the rear portion of the skirt that looks lengthened is called the tails. This long tail coat jacket is the main element of the suit that makes the white tie ensemble.

The making of the tailcoat jacket
Tailcoat Suit The tailcoat jacket comes in the double breasted style along with the sharply cut away skirt and silk faced lapels. The tailcoat jacket is cut to fit the torso of the wearer snugly so that you cannot button it closed. If you want the perfect tailcoat jacket then you will have to go with the custom made piece. But with the events for which the white tie dress code is needed being rare, it may not be a wise decision to invest on a custom made tailcoat

The tailcoat jacket is one of the best styles for men since the garment can make almost anyone look good. The cut of the garment is done so that it highlights all virtues and hides the lackings in the body.

What is a white tie attire?
When you receive an invitation to an event that mentions white tie or anything along the lines of dress suit, full evening dress or tails then know that you need to choose the tailcoat suit.

Tailcoat Suit You have no reason to panic since almost every part of the ensemble have clear cut rules and you just have to follow them to make the ensemble a success. You can even add your own touch (that is without deviating from the main rules) for the outfit to become unique.

When it comes to white tie attire, the most important rule is that the bow tie should be white. No exceptions with that. Then the waistcoat that is to be worn over the long tail coat jacket also has to be white. Then the tail coat is another difference of white tie from the black tie attire. These are the major rules and when you adhere to them you will be safe. The consists of the tail coat jacket and a pair of high waisted trousers. You need to add more accessories to make it the white tie attire. Here we give you some rules on how to perfectly put together the white tie attire.

Let us start from the tailcoat jacket. The evening tailcoat comes with a harsh line that cuts back towards the body. This offers a great formal look for the garment. The evening tailcoat should always be worn unbuttoned and come with peak lapels. The tailcoat should be black in color since the black tail coat has long been the norm for the formal events. If the event that you are attending is not very strict with the dress codes then you can try going with the midnight blue long suit since it looks much better than black tail coat under artificial lights.

Tailcoat Suit The trousers to be paired with the evening tailcoat must be high waisted with two lines present down the outside of the two legs. The tailcoat trousers are cut loose than the normal trousers but shouldn’t be too baggy. You could also go with the striped trousers since they make you look taller when you wear it high on the waist.

The shirt to be paired with the suit should be stiff and white evening shirt. It can be pleated or plain and come with single folded cuffs along with a wing collar. Another important addition to the attire is the cufflinks. You can choose the studs instead of going with buttons. The studs should be made from mother of pearls or similar choices.

Coming to the point of the tailcoat waistcoat, you will need to choose a low cut, white evening vest to be paired with the tail blazer coat. This waistcoat should not extend from under the jacket since the elegance of the suit is in the little things. The waistcoat is the most fitting garment for the men and thus make sure that you go with the right style.

Tailcoat Suit As for the mens accessories, the white bow tie is the major element of the outfit and make sure that you hand tie it. Other than this, you can also add a pair of white gloves, a top hat and maybe a walking cane. If you are looking for a complete white tie ensemble that is true to the style of the last century then you should go with these items. But if you are content with the modern style then loose the hat, gloves and cane. But make sure that you add with the enable a pair of black patent leather shoes with black laces. You should also include with it a pair of. Lack evening socks.