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Blue Chalk Stripe Suit

Blue Chalk Stripe Suit If we talk about patterns on suits the first thing that most men unconsciously picture are the stripes. Striped suits have always been the safest choice for men who had to try patterns at some point. But what if there is a variation of this safe style that would be more fun to try? Blue chalk stripe suits are the recommendation for you today and we consider the style to be overshadowed by the pinstripe suits. If you are a person who has to wear suits to office on a daily basis then there is a high chance that you have a blue pinstripe suit in your wardrobe. But blue stripe suits are the more casual and cool cousin to the pinstripe suits and we want you to give it a try.

Chalk stripes are indeed a bolder style when compared with the pinstripe suits but lately they have been trending hard. While the pinstripes would be the subtle style that you should go with when you are feeling adventurous dressing to your work, chalk stripes are the ones that are reserved for the summer vacation and such. Another thing with the chalk stripe suits is that they are available in different ranges and thus can be a versatile choice. For example you can go with the bold mens blue chalk stripe suit and use it as a power suit but there are also versions which would offer you a subdued look comparatively. Thus choosing it wisely would get you through a long way of improving your style.

Blue Chalk Stripe Suit Blue suit has been the comfort garment for most men and we would not be surprised if you have more than 3 blue suits in your wardrobe. But the point is that this can easily make us get fed up with the style especially if you are a person who sticks with the solid suit styles. To avoid this it would help to shake things up a little so that it makes you excited to try on these suits every day. This is where the patterns come in and consequently the blue stripe suits.

The first work suit that you would have gotten would most probably be a solid navy blue suit. This is the perfect choice for work but that does not mean that you should be buying the same kind of suits to fill your wardrobe. If you want to have some variation you next work suit can be a dark blue pinstripe suit.It would help for you to go with the ones that comes with black stripes since they tend to blend in with the suit and make it look like a solid one when viewed from a distance. On the other hand the ones with white stripes on them would be bolder in look.

Outside of work we all have a life and it would not do you good if you carry the same garments everywhere. Leave the solid navy suits for your office and try going with more fun styles for the other events. Blue chalk stripe suits are the ones that would help you outside of office since these are considered too flashy for the official events. The stripes are wider than the pinstripes and thus are more apparent. Usually stripe suit mens with white stripes are the ones that are most recommended and would be a great choice if you are looking for a power suit that would definitely turn eyes.

Blue Chalk Stripe Suit Styling the suit in the right way makes for the perfect outfit and thus we have some recommendations that would help you sort through the styles without stumbling through it. It would be best to keep in mind the event for which you are styling the suit since it provides most clues about whether the style is appropriate or not. In case of mens blue stripe suits it is mostly recommended to be worn for the casual events like the summer weddings and parties since it has a casual vibe about it. Remember that the styling and the choice of combining garments can totally turn the look of the outfit and thus it is important to choose wisely. Here are some of the blue chalk stripe suit outfits that we think would help you figure out your own style.

If you want a stylish and masculine look then you can style the dark blue striped suit with a white dress shirt and a beige tie. If the weather is chilly you can throw on a beige trenchcoat and accentuate the look with a pair of beige socks and brown leather loafers. For a simple yet smart look that would even be a good blue pinstripe suit wedding outfit for the groom on his special day you can pair the blue slim fit suit with a white dress shirt, a black tie and a white pocket square. To finish off the look in style you can add a pair of navy fringe leather loafers since it adds stylishness to the outfit.

Blue Chalk Stripe Suit If you are a fan of tonal outfits then we would recommend you to pair the light blue pinstripe suit with a blue dress shirt and a navy blue tie. Usually people go with black oxford shoes to finish off the outfit but do things differently by pairing it with black socks and black leather Chelsea boots. If you are ready for a Power suit experience you can style the blue 3 piece pinstripe suit with a white dress shirt, brown tie and a pair of dark brown leather Chelsea boots. Blue chalk stripe vest would be a good look but you can also go with odd vests like tan vests. Throw on a grey overcoat to accentuate the power suit look better.

If you are thinking of styling the suit for the costume events then you should consider going with the blue pinstripe Zoot suit since stripes are one of the classic look on the Zoot suits.