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Brown Suits

Brown Suit Most of the time the brown suits are recommended to be worn in the country side and men seem to know this unwritten rule. But with all the changes happening in fashion the boundary lines have been blurring and we don't see a problem with wearing the suits in the city. In fact the men who have been bored about the usual navy suits and grey suits seem to have taken a liking for the suits. With the boom in popularity of the suits the designers are also reconsidering the potential of the color. In this article we discuss the suits and why you should have one in your wardrobe.

There are a lot of flattering shades in brown suits and you can choose the one that will suit your style the best. Suits can be the warmer alternative to the cool ones that we are used to like the blue suits and grey suits. Also the color pairs well with almost all colors on your wardrobe and thus you can pair them with any of the existing garments without looking like you tried much in putting together the outfit. Also you can style the suits for any events whether be it formal or casual. You can even style this suit for your regular office day when you need a break from your navy and grey suits routine.

The details on the brown suits make the look perfect and thus it is important that you spend some time on considering them before making the pick. The first thing that you will have to do is to select the right shade of the suits. As mentioned before there are a lot of shades in suits and the selection can depend on the purpose for which you are getting the suit or your skin and hair color. For example if you are thinking of styling the suit for formal events or for office use then you can go with the darker shades. Dark suits are visually appealing and you can style them with standard combining garments. Also these dark shaded suits suit the fall and winter season most while the lighter shades of suits the summer and spring season. If you are looking for a suit that you can wear to the semi formal and casual events like parties try out the lighter ones like camel suits and beige suits.

Brown Suit After selecting the shade of the suits the next thing to do is to select the fabric from which the suits are made from. Wool suits are the best for formal events. While going with these mens suits make sure that you go with a textured one instead of the plain ones since the texture gives a garment a liveliness which will be missing in the plain suits. There are a lot of types like wool flannel suits or the worsted wool suits. For a lightweight alternative it is better to go with cotton suits. Cotton suits can be styled the office and other formal purposes. But when you need a casual style then we recommend you to go with linen suits. They give the wearer a cool look for the summer and spring season but are avoided for formal events since they wrinkle easily.

Silk suits and velvet suits are good choices when it is of dark shades. The sheen of the material looks exquisite when paired with a dark shade of brown and can be styled for the special occasions. Tweed suits are one of the traditional choices and you can style them for formal and semi formal events. For cheaper choice go with synthetic ones like polyester suits and rayon suits.

The fit of the suit matters a lot since the fit in any suit makes a significant difference with it being more pronounced in the unconventional colored suits. When you need a formal style you can go for a classic fit suit paired with a white dress shirt and a black tie. You can complete the look with a pair of tobacco leather tassel loafers. The classic fit suits are best for office use since they have a slightly roomier fit that can help the person wear it comfortably throughout the day. For a stylish looking outfit you can go with a slim fit suit paired with a navy dress shirt and a navy tie. Complete the look with a pair of tobacco leather oxford shoes.Skinny fit suits are also a good pick when you are a tall and lean person. You can go with a modern fit suits when you need a outfit that is flexible for styling as both formal and casual styles. If all the above fits are not suitable for your body type you can choose to go with the custom made suits or the big and tall suits.

Brown Suit Other than the solid suits you can also go with the patterned suits. When you go with the patterned suits they are versatile and there are a lot of styles available. Pinstripe suits or the windowpane suits are a great choice for a regular office day attire. Plaid suits and Paisley suits are best for casual and semi formal events.

The shirt that you pair with the brown suits are another major thing to note. You can go with the safe choice of white shirt, light blue shirt or even a light pink shirt. Other than these you can choose light green shirts or grey shirts. For a simple look you can pair the double breasted brown suit with a white dress shirt and a black tie and brown leather derby shoes. For a casual style you can pair the single breasted suit with a tan hoodie and a pair of brown leather work boots.