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Polka Dot Suits

polka dot suit Patterns in menswear equals to only stripes for most men but there are a lot of styles to choose from. Most would not dare to venture of these styles and stick with the usuals but once in a while you can choose to go out this and try new styles. One of the bolder style is the polka dots and this is indeed a rare style in menswear. Thus when we recommend you to choose the polka suits most would feel sceptical but let us try to convince you since this is a truly awesome style to try out.

Polka dots are indeed one of the most classic patterns in the fashion industry. The polka dot garments are more popular in womenswear than in menswear since it is eye catching and one of the most striking prints. Some might think that the polka dots is a flashy style and does not suit the subtle mens garments. But when you choose to go with the polka dots in the garments then you can start with the small garments like polka dot scarves and polka dot ties. In this way you will get used to the pattern and then when you feel comfortable with the style then you can progress on to the polka dot jackets and polka dot suits. The one thing with polka dot suits or any polka dot garments is to know to get the right style and then properly style with garments that will complement the look better.

The size of the dots in the polka suits is the major thing that you will have to note about the garment. Depending on the type of look that you need you should select the size of the polka dots on the fabric. Any garment which contains spotted pattern on it is known to be the polka dot style but when you see very small spots on the fabric then you can identify it as pin dots. The pin dot suits are the ones that are considered to be the most formal of the polka suit since they tend to look solid from a distance. You can easily style these formal polka dot suit to the formal events even if it is for workwear. For example you can refer to the pin dot suit ensemble that Tom Hiddleston wore with the provision of polka dot tie.

polka dot suit Other than this you can choose to go with micro dot suits which are polka dot suits that have slightly larger dots than the pin dots. These are also subtle styles and can look solid from a certain distance. But when you need a casual style that attracts attention on the first glance then you can choose to go with polka dot suits that come with larger spots. These will look less formal than the pin dot suits and thus are most recommended for casual events like parties and such.

After you select the size of the dots on the polka suits the next thing that you will have to note is the spacing at which the dots are placed or to simply put the density of the dots on the garment. When you go with suits that consists of dots in small size then they will be placed close together to get the solid look. But when the dots are of larger size then the spacing increases and in some styles the spaces between the dots are intentionally left plain to gain an artistic look for the garment. Other than this you can also note the pattern on how the dots were placed on the garment. Most would have regular placement of the dots especially with the mens polka dot suits but when it comes to smaller ones like ties then they might be randomly placed. Both the styles give out an unique look and you can choose the one that you think will work out the best for you.

The color of the polka dot suit is another major thing that you will have to note about the garment. The usual recommendation would be to stick with basics and choose either black or white in the polka dot suits. When you go with the black polka dot suit they give out a simple and subtle look that you can wear to any type of event be it formal or casual. It would be even better if you choose the black suits since they give out a more standard look. The white polka dot suit on the other hand would have a more flashy look because of its bright style. Polka white plain suit will give out a simple yet elegant look but when you want a little more distinct one then go with black and white suits though you would risk looking like a child wearing a cow costume when you go with the large polka dots on the suit. Other than this you can also choose other styles like the blue polka dot suits and red polka dot suits. polka dot suit

When you choose the polka dots suits it will be best if you select them carefully considering all the above mentioned details. If you are still not convinced about trying out the polka dots suits on the whole then you can choose to use them separately since in that way you can more confidently pull off the look. For example when you want a formal look you can choose to style the charcoal gray polka dot suit jacket with a white dress shirt, black tie and black dress pants. For a smart casual style you can style the polka dot pants with a white crew neck t-shirt and a polka dot blazer. The fit of the polka dot suit mens is one of the most important things to note. Go with slim fit polka pattern suits when you are a tall and slim person and when you need a more comfortable style then choose classic fit polka dot suits.