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Ivory Tuxedos

There are some colors that men consciously avoid when it comes to formal garments. White is one such color and most reason that it is a hard color to pull off. If you are one among these men then you can go with a less risky option which is the ivory tuxedos. In this article we are going to discuss about ivory tux and some styling tips for the garment.

ivory-tuxedo Ivory tuxedos are best suited for semi formal and casual events given that they are of lighter shade. You can wear them for white tie events but it is not suited for black tie events. Weddings are one such event where you can easily rock the look. The ivory tuxedos will give you a bright look and thus it is better to reserve them for summer events like beach weddings and cocktail parties. If you are not very comfortable with the full tuxedos look you can opt to go with separates.

A good option is to pair the ivory tuxedos jacket with a black tuxedo pants and black bow tie. In this case you can create a balanced look which is not too bright. The details on the ivorys matter a lot when you are purchasing the ivory tux. Most tend to go with wool ivory tux when you need a formal garment. But we have mentioned that it is best to use the ivory in summer. The wool tuxedos might feel stuffy and uncomfortable in the hot days. Thus for these days it is best to go with lightweight ones like linen tuxedos and cotton ivory tuxedos. The ivory tuxedos are a light color and thus you need to be careful of the wrinkles since they tend to show too much. Thus if you are too much concerned about creases then it is best to avoid linen or better go with blends which crease less than the pure ones.

ivory-tuxedos When you want to go with a formal look you can go with the 3 piece tuxedos and 4 piece tuxedos look. The vested tuxedos are the best option for the weddings when you are the groom. The light colored tuxedo but with a formal style will make you stand out among the crowd of usual black tuxedos. With the off white choice you can also easily coordinate your outfit with that of your bride's. Instead you want to go with a casual style then stick with 2 piece tuxedos.

The lapels on the ivory tuxedo jacket are an important aspect you will have to note. If you are getting the tuxedo for formal look then you can opt to go with peak lapel tuxedos. But if you want a dressy look like for weddings you can go with shawl lapel tuxedos. Most of the time the lapels come in ivory but for a distinguished look you can go with ivory tuxedos with black lapels.