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Mens Dress shirts are loved by men and are their favorite outfits. Be it an important business meeting, hangout, party or celebration, dress shirts are excellent choices and no doubts on this. There are trendy dress shirts as well as 1960s dress shirts available to meet the fashion desires of men. Dress shirts are long sleeved clothing articles with stiff collar and attractive buttons down the length of the suit. These clothing articles are designed to be worn together with a funky tie for a more casual look. You can also have designer dress shirts to put on just to rock the event you are attending. For a sporty look, you can try wearing casual shirt with open collar fashion. You can wear these dress shirts with fashion jackets and look stunning everywhere. You will find many tuxedo dress shirts available that can be worn with tuxedo blazers to give you a neat and elegant look. On wearing these dress shirts, you will find yourself stylish and chic more than before. Mens dress shirts can take on more than one appearance though, with minor changes being evident in both the cuffs and collars. These variations are often to compliment the different selection of mens dress shirts that can be worn. For both formal and casual settings, a dress shirt is important to give you the ideal look to win the attention of everyone in the crowd.

Be it a corporate event or office party or casual outing, these are optimum clothing articles that can enhance your masculine silhouette to a greater extent. These clothing pieces have come into their own in the past 60 years or so. Previously they were simply considered as clothing pieces worn under a suit jacket, but today they are proudly worn for more formal and special occasions. Time and fashion are continuously changing and today there is a high focus on the dress shirt itself. You can have traditional black dress shirts, brown dress shirts, green dress mens shirts and even vibrant hues like pink dress shirts, silver dress shirts, white dress shirts etc. There are also two toned dress shirts and multi colored dress shirts available to elevate your beauty to next level.

Different color combinations

If you are buying a dress shirt, you probably look into the print, texture, fabric and fit of the shirt first. But apart from all these things, color plays a key role in making you look at your best. Firstly, you need to know what colors compliment your complexion best and choose your dress shirt accordingly. If you have a fair complexion, it is always good for you to go with dark colored clothing pieces like burgundy dress shirts, red dress shirts, royal dress shirts, chocolate dress shirts etc. If your skin tone is slightly dark, light colored dress shirts go well for you. There are also unique options like teal dress shirts, hunter green dress shirts and turquoise dress shirts to be worn for special occasions. A great thing about these dress shirts is, there are really tons and tons of options to choose from and there is surely something to suit the personality of everyone.

If you would like to look conservative, you can go for solid mens dress shirts, but if it is for a casual family/friends reunion, with no second thought, you can go for crispy two toned or multi colored or fashion dress shirts to make a clear fashion statement. Gold mens dress shirts work wonder for your prom events and night parties. No matter if you are an entrepreneur, white collar worker, blue collar worker, you need to dress up right and put your best foot forward in fashion since fashion goes a long way in business today. When you wear a right mens business shirt, your level of self esteem will be made visual in what you wear during the hours you are at your work. These dress shirts bring out the confidence hidden in you and help make a positive impression on others. And who knows? This positive impression will get you many valuable clients and make your business lucrative. You can wear dress shirts of your individual taste but the only rule to pull off the look is to match the shirt with a right tie. By wearing a fitted dress shirt with neat tie, you can create a pleasant and confident image for yourself.


mens shirts mens shirts mens shirts mens shirts

There are innumerable styles in dress shirts available for men and the most commonly preferred style is button down dress shirt. These shirts do come with a rigid collar and front opening model with full sleeves and cuffs attached. You will find attractive buttons and studs on the shirt to fasten the front opening design. Cuffs in these shirts do have some non functional buttons, but they give out a distinctive look to the wearer. There are some classic dress shirts that come with different colored cuffs and the shirt model is perfect for formal occasions. These shirts can be matched with formal ties and blazers to rock the event. Even though the shirt alone makes you look great, these accessories are just add-ons to enrich your style quotient.

There are also collarless dress shirts for men that are meant for informal settings. Mandarin collar shirts are also available in the fashion market to give you a clean informal look. They are also called as banded collar shirts. Your choice of collars, cuffs and sleeves can distinguish between the more formal shirt and more casual shirt. Other than these styles, club shirts and party shirts are also accessible to rock the club events. Spread collar dress shirts are old-fashioned clothing articles that give you a vintage style look. These dress shirts are available in different size to fit into any sort of physical build easily. Generally, XXL dress shirts, 3 XL dress shirts and 4 XL dress shirts are meant for big and tall men and short shirts are meant for petite men.

Different styles in dress shirts

mens shirts


Believe it or not, they are the most distinctive feature that makes a clothing piece a right dress shirt. Usually, you will find buttons running from collar down to the midsection. Irrespective of your size, there are seven buttons in the dress shirts that can upsurge your look wherever you go and wear it to.


Collar is a key feature in men's dress shirts, but the styles do fluctuate. There are pointed collar dress shirts, spread collar dress shirts, mandarin collar dress shirts, banded collar dress shirts, mock neck t-shirts, v neck t-shirts and even white collar dress shirts to suit your individual style, personality and mainly occasion. Whatever style you may choose, these styles in collars will pay you more for sure.


These are important sections of dress shirts that entirely cover the wrist portion. There are two different styles namely, French cuff and barrel cuff. In French cuff styling, edges of the cuffs are pulled out to the side portion and connected together there. In barrel cuff model, sides of the cuff overlap and have one button on the top portion of the other.

Different patterns in mens dress shirts

Mens Checkered dress shirts

Checkered dress shirts when worn with matching ties will give you a dazzling look that is admired by everyone around you. There are many plaid shirts and windowpane shirts that come under this category. When compared to normal solid dress shirts, these clothing pieces will give you a distinctive as well as fresh look. In fact, with these shirts you will be perceived as a hot star in the crowd. In this variety, you will have more and more dominant colors that give you a neat professional image that is just right to win your work environment.

Floral dress shirts

These are actually unique printed patterns that will give you a casual yet little formal look. These dress shirts are available in both light and dark colors and can make you look more dashing. There are different colors and patterns in paisley dress shirts that you can explore and see which one suit you best.

Striped dress shirts

When you wear a striped dress shirt, you will have proper balance between your look and individual style. You can have thin striped or thick striped dress shirts and make different appearances. Thin stripes are perfect for workplaces whereas chalk stripes are ideal for old fashioned look. These dress shirts are available in traditional neutral colors and so they can be easily paired up with all your wardrobe ensembles. Wearing these dress shirts in burgundy, brown, taupe and khaki colors can make you look like a novelty. You can easily make up your look and wow everyone with this simple dress shirt. You are sure to get more and more girls' look and what else a young man needs at this moment?

Polka dot dress shirts

If you haven't worn polka dot dress shirts yet, then this is your time to try it and look at your best. These dress shirts are available in smaller dot patterns, medium sized dot patterns and large dot patterns. This sort of outfit goes well in both formal and casual environments. The size of dot you choose will speak of yourself and eventually make you look presentable. With this dress shirt alone, you can take pride in your personal appearance and walk like a rock star. Intricate smaller dots go great for formal events and larger dots give you an edgy playful look.

Different fabrics used

mens shirts

Mens dress shirts are made of different sorts of fabrics including cotton, linen, satin etc. Most of the shirts preferred by men are cotton dress shirts which are generally porous in nature and let sweat spread outside. Cotton dress shirts have the ability to make you feel comfortable in and move around freely. These dress shirts are ideal choices for summer. Fashion industry has crossed many leaps and bounds but cotton dress shirts have earned their place in men's wardrobe because of its supreme comfort and rich look. As a fashion aficionado, you should give a separate space to this cotton dress shirts in your closet and make the best use of it in the long run.

Linen dress shirts are also a better option for summertime since it will make you feel cool and comfortable and help you beat the heat. Linen has the tendency to absorb the heat easily and it will give you freshness all through a day. Also these linen shirts do have an understated charm and give you a rich sophisticated look. Luxuriousness, sophistication, classiness are some exceptional qualities of linen dress shirts that make them a preferred fashion choice for men. These interesting features make it more and more popular all over the world. Since linen is highly resistant to wear and tear, it excellently regulates and absorbs heat. On wearing linen dress shirts, you will have a unique style, mesmerizing appeal and extraordinary feel that can be explained. Also, there are shiny satin dress shirts available to pave way for your party nights and festive occasions. The silky nature of these shirts will give you a classy rich look and elevate your style quotient.

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