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David Tennant Doctor Who Brown Suit

Doctor Who is an unforgettable series for those who loves quirky sci fi genres. Though from the last century, the franchise still has some faithful fans and surprisingly continues to gather some young fans too. Now if you are a fan you would know about the interesting wardrobe selection of the main character Doctor Who, a extraterrestrial being in Earth. While there are many series in the franchise the wardrobe selection of the character is a point of contemplation till now. For every season the outfit changes for the doctor and that too not subtle changes. It is said that the wardrobe choices of the character is said to be the refection of his personality and each actor have done a incredible choice at rightly portraying it.

Now as for the tenth doctor, the character was played by David Tennant and garnered a lot of fan following at that time. If you are thinking of dressing as tenth doctor for your Halloween then you should know the character for a perfect portrayal. He plays a character who has a lot of charm but still a broken heart. Unlike the ninth doctor who plans out what to do, the tenth doctor is freegoing and tends to rely on his charm to get over any situation. That is why the tenth doctor is always dressed smart like someone who works for a living. In the series he wears two sets of suits that is of importance. The first one is a blue suit which looks like a safari suit because of its breast pockets. The david tenant doctor who brown suit is made of high quality fabric and has a fine finish to it. This gives the david tenant doctor who brown suit a sophisticated look which makes him look entrancing. Over it he wears a brown coat. The mens coat is made of woollen material and has an inner viscose lining. The button closure provided makes it comfortable and easy to wear.

The next suit that he wears is a brown pinstripe suit. The david tenant doctor who brown suit is a classic choice which has slim lapels and the jacket that he wears has four buttons. The fabric is wool thus giving him a professional look. If you buy this style you can wear it to any formal occasion. The jacket is notch lapelled like any classic and the pinstripes are slim. As for the pockets the jacket has one flap pocket on left chest side, two waist flap pockets and two inside pockets. The pant that he wears with the jacket is of the same pattern fitted perfectly with two slant side pockets and two jetted back pockets. He wears the suit with a white shirt and same color but different patterned tie. If you want to go with different colored tie it is better to keep the tie thin and dark with minimal pattern. In case of dressing like the tenth doctor it is always better to avoid bow ties unless it is a proper black tie event. You can go for props like psychic paper, glasses and blue sonic screwdriver for extra authenticity.