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Blue Blazers

Blue Blazer Fashion is an entity that keeps evolving but there are some styles that would stay the constant for decades and even centuries. One such style are the blue. You can see the blazers present through the timeline of last century and continue to do so in this century too. Styles usually come and go but styles like blue blazer and black suits are a constant in mens fashion world. Chances are high that you have one too many blazers in your wardrobe and have purchased it for your child too – that is if you have one. But all this can easily make us categorize mens blue as an old and boring style which we take out only for the formal events. But this shouldn’t be the case since blazers are one of the most versatile pieces of garment that you will lay your hands on. Thus it is important that you utilize it’s potential to the maximum. We are here to help you do just that and prove that blue can be an interesting style.

The reason why blue have endured all these decades is because of the fact that they are a style for everybody. Be it a subtle dresser or a flippant one – anyone can pull off the blue blazer outfit without fussing much thus making it a popular style. People still turn to blue mens blazer when they aren’t sure about the style to wear for a formal event. Thus it is best to make peace with the fact that the blazers are going to stay and thus we should learn how to use this to our advantage.

Blue Blazer Styling the blue blazer is easy since blue pairs well with almost all colors. Also one best thing about blue is that you can almost wear any shade of blue and feel relevant while this might not be true with other colors. For example with red we have the bright red to avoid and with green the light leaf green. But with blue you can almost wear any shade without feeling like an outsider making it a Universal favorite.

Now while choosing the blue blazer it is best to pay attention to the shade. Though most of the shades would work there are still appropriateness to consider. For example the navy blue blazer is a formal style while the electric blue or light blue blazer is considered to be more casual than the dark shade. Thus think about the event you are attending and then choose the right shade of the blue colour blazers.

If you quite like the blue blazer style and are thinking about trying out new styles with that then we are here to help. We have brought together some of the best ways to style the blue in our opinion and we hope that this would help the people form styling ideas of their own for the garment. Trying out the styles matter the most since it will help you open up ways of your fashion.

Navy blue blazers
Blue Blazer If you are thinking about the using the blazer for formal and office purposes then there is no better option than the navy blue blazers mens. They can pair well with almost all combining garments thus giving you endless options for its styling. Depending on the event that you attend choose the styling.

For example if it is a regular day at office and you want just blend in then we would suggest you to go with the standard styling of the navy 2 button blue blazer with a white dress shirt, black tie and a pair of black dress pants. Pull together the whole look with a pair of black leather Oxford shoes. But if your office allows a smart casual dress code then you can swap the dress shirt with tshirts an dress pants with jeans. For special occasions try choosing navy blue dinner jackets.

Other than this combination of blue with black you can also try combining navy blue blazer with khaki pants or cream pants since it gives you a rich and posh look. But if you want to retain the formal look but still do not want the black pants then you can choose grey pants.

Royal blue blazer
Blue Blazer Now this is a brighter shade than navy blue and thus are mostly recommended for events like weddings and such. The royal blue jackets tend to offer a much more vibrant look than the navy blue and thus are best to be worn for the summer and spring events. You can even try your hand with the patterned blazers if you feel like it.

For a simple yet smart look that you can work for a summer wedding you can style the royal blue shawl lapel blazer with a white dress shirt, grey dress pants, white pocket square and a silver tie. This would be a great look for the groom on his special day and make for great photographs. A pair of dark brown leather loafers would round off the look properly.

Light blue blazer
Blue Blazer Light blue blazers are obviously considered to be much more casual than the dark and bright colored blue blazers. Thus they are usually recommended for the casual events that take place in summer like the rooftop parties and such. Here are some ways in which you can rock the casual blue blazers for the upcoming summer parties.

White and blue blazer style is a great look for summer and thus you can style the blue floral blazer with a white long sleeve shirt and a pair of white chinos. You can also go with the blue check blazers if you think that floral pattern is too eccentric. While choosing these styles for the summer and spring events make sure that you find the right fabrics. Blue cotton blazers and blue linen blazers are the ones that are recommended to tackle the heat valiantly.