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Mens Pink Shoes

pink shoe Pink was long considered a color that was reserved for women's fashion but in recent times you can see the increase in pink garments and accessories in mens fashion. This is not only a simple progress but with the increasing popularity you can say that the style is here to stay. Men avoided pink thinking that it would make them look feminine but in the progressive fashion world that we live in no color is off limits for any gender. Thus on this note we discuss about pink shoes in this article and you should get one of these styles for yourself ASAP.

Wearing pink by men has moved on from being looked as feminine to looking confident. Thus when you go with the pink shoes or any of the pink garments it is to confidently rock the style. In defence of pink the categorization of it to being feminine is a recent concept since there is proof that for a long time pink was associated with men and blue with women since pink was close to red which is a strong color that denotes passion. Thus when you go with men's pink shoes make sure that you look the part and also rightly style them with garments that will complement your shoes.

Mens pink shoes are a great choice for men who are starting out with the pink styles. If you still consider the pink shoes to be too strong a style to start with then you can go slow with pink ties and pink shirts before getting into the pink shoes. While going with the pink shoes the first thing that you should keep in mind is that there are shades available from which you can choose the one that would work the best. The hot pink shoes that first come into your mind when you hear the words pink shoes are best for casual use like parties and such. But if you are a subtle dresser then these bright pink shoes might feel too much and in that case you can choose to go with mens light pink shoes. These light pink shoes come in subtle shades and thus blend in well with almost all colors of the outfits. Other than this you can also try other softer shades like the mens pastel pink shoes and such.

pink shoe Though pink is being widely accepted in mens fashion and even could be called trending at the moment the fact that it is a relatively bright color compared to the neutral shades like black and brown that men are used to remains. Thus when you choose to go with mens pink shoes it might be best for you to style them for the casual events rather than going straight for the formal events. Though they might not look shabby when styled for the formal events they might still make you look out of place. Also the mens pink shoes are mostly recommended for the summer and spring events rather than for winter and fall since they stand out too much in the dull seasons.

The quality of the pink shoes matter a lot since it influences the durability and the cost of the shoes. For example when you go with high quality pink shoes that are made of good materials then the cost might be little on the higher side. But when you go with cheap men pink shoes then they might soon wear out making you spend on the next style. Thus when you purchase the pink shoes online or in the nearby stores make sure to check the quality and determine whether the price mentioned is worth the product before paying for it.

Mens leather pink shoes are the ones that are most recommended since they give a standard look and also can last for a long time when maintained right. There are different styles in leather mens pink shoes and it is best for you to know the details before you make the right pick which will work for you. For example when you are in need of a formal shoes style then the mens oxford shoes or the mens pink derbies will be the best pick. But when you need a dressier style of shoes rather than the standard ones like oxfords then we would recommend you to try out the mens pink brogue shoes or mens pink monk strap shoes.

pink shoe On the contrary when you need a pair of mens pink casual shoes then it would be a better choice for you to go with mens pink loafers shoes or go with other shoe material on the whole. Mens suede shoes might do the trick since they are much softer and have a laid back design when compared to the leather pink shoes. But the suede pink shoes might get damaged easily since they are not water resistant and thus it is important that you maintain them carefully. Other than this you also have the option of going with mens velvet shoes but when you go with this option it might be best to go with darker and more subdued shades.

As mentioned before the pink shoes style is mostly recommended for casual events and thus make sure to style the properly so that it is appropriate for the event that you are attending. For example when you are dressing for a event like prom you can style the mens pink prom shoes with an outfit that consists of a single breasted navy blue suit paired with a simple white crew neck T-shirt. But when you are in need of a more casual mens pink shoes outfit then you can choose to style the pair of them with an ensemble that comprises of black crew neck tshirt, charcoal denim jacket and charcoal jeans. When you go with these styles of casual outfits it would be better for you to try out the mens pink sneakers.