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Black And White Suit Mens

black and white suit With the arguments of black suit being a boring choice constantly going on we bring you a controversial statement –suit can be sexy if it needs to be. We know that black and white suit is the oldest known style in menswear and also the one that has been used for most of the formal occasions. But we stand by our statement that black and white suit mens can be the best style you have come across. The one thing for this to work out is that you need to be ready to ditch the usual styles that you have framed in your head about the style and be ready to try out new styles.

Usually the plain black and white suit style is the most recommended and also the one that is most preferred. While you are choosing the suit for the formal events like the ones with black tie attire and such you can choose the plain black and white dinner suits. Even for the dinner suits there have been the new styles coming into the market. For example if you find the plain suit to be a boring style then you can go with the rich patterned ones like the black and white Paisley suits and such. Thus the choice of the suits depend on your preference and how you prefer your look to be.

black and white suit You might already have a black and white suit mens in your wardrobe since it is the choice for the first suit purchase of most men. Chances are high that it is a plain black suit that you have let gather dust through the years. If you want to reinvent the same suit then you can try going with the separates. But if you are thinking of getting a new suit then there are a lot of choices for you to choose from. Take some quality time to go through the available styles and then make your choice. We have provided some tips both on the selection and the styling of thesuit which might be helpful for you.

If you are choosing to go with the separates then you will still have to purchase some elements that will rescue the look. For example while the white dress shirt, black tie and black dress pants can remain you can choose a black and white checkered suit jacket. To complete the look you can go with the black leather derby shoes. If you find the checkered look to be too bold for your taste then you can choose to go with the black and white striped suit jacket since they offer a much more subtle look. Also the striped suits can work as a formal attire that you can occasionally dress for your office use too

black and white suit But if you still sticking with the plain black suitthen you can redeem the look by going with the smart casual styling of the outfit. For example if you style the black and white 2 piece suit with a white crew neck t-shirt then you can get an impressive and laid back look. Other than this you can also choose to style the suit with a simple white long sleeve shirt without the tie. This semi formal black and white suit outfit will deliver a look that isn’t too uptight while at the same time maintaining the look for the semi formal events.

On the other hand if it is a formal event that has a strict black tie dress code then you have no other option except to go with the formal suit. black and white suit mens. Black and white suit tuxedo would be a perfect look when worn with white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie. While this is the standard look as we have mentioned before there are patterned options available on the black tuxedos and you can choose them for a modern and stylish look. For example black and white Paisley suit would be a good choice for people looking for a formal look while the black and white floral suit tuxedo would be a better choice for people who love a contemporary twist to the tuxedo style. When the event is more casual and allows you to make changes in the formal outfit look you can swap some of these standard looks and try a different look. For example instead of the same old white tuxedo shirt you can go with a black silk dress shirt which might give a sexy twist to your standard black tuxedo look. Sometimes it is important to unlearn the things that we have always followed to get out of the cycle.

black and white suit The fabric of the suit that you choose matters a lot and thus choose it with care. Wool suit or black and white tweed suits are the usual choices for the winter use while the lightweight ones like black and white suit linen or cotton black and white suit sets can keep you cool through the hot and warm days. For cheaper choices go with the synthetic blended ones like polyester or rayon suits. The fabric of the suit that you but not only affects the look of the outfit but also the fit of the suit. For example the wool and tweed suits have a better drape when compared with the lightweight suits. The fit of the suit matters the most in delivering the look and thus we recommend you to find the one that will best flatter your body type.

Now that we have talked about the standard black and white suit designs there are also some modern ones that are rarely preferred by the men. For example if you are looking for a themed outfit then you can go with these choice. Some of our top picks include black and white Zoot suits and black and white printed suits.