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Fancy Suit

Fancy Suit When we talk about fancy suits most men do not join in the conversation since they think that it doesn’t concern them. For people who think that you can thrive on the wardrobe full of navy suits and Charcoal grey suits, let us tell you – this is 2021 and you need to step up your fashion game. With the pandemic coming in and shaking up pretty much every one of our lives the fashion world also has takes its impact. Already works are in progress about finding a workwear that would be appropriate to wear even in the virtual meetings. Thus the suit style isn’t going anywhere in the near future and if you need suits then you definitely need fancy suit.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is probably one of the most accurate sayings that you can find. You can definitely pull through your week with your business suits but when a casual or semi formal event that is supposed to be fun turns up the trouble starts. There are still clueless people who turn up even to these events in the business suits and ruin the fun. It would be understandable if you can’t help but turn up in these suits because of an emergency or such but willingly dressing up in these suits is a big no. Thus whether you are a businessman or a college student mens fancy suits become an inevitable part of your suit wardrobe.

Fancy Suit Fancy suit can be anything depending on your taste in the clothing and the type of dresser you are. For example if you are a person who sticks with your navy suits for most of your time and do not have a single light colored suit in your collection then a simple burgundy suit would classify as a fancy suit. On the other hand if you are a person who likes to try out new things and would often like to stun people with your outfit choices then sequin suits might be your fancy suit. Thus the term fancy suit is a broad one and you can decode it as per your taste.

Knowing what type of fancy suit design might work for you to important to figure out what you need. There are numerous fancy suit styles available and it can get confusing for people who are not too interested in it. Thus we have compiled some of the common choices that people make which might be one of the styles that you are looking for.

Formal dinner fancy suits
Most times we are happy with our usual wardrobes but only start to panic when we receive an invitation to a formal dinner event or anything of that level. These events requires us to be dressed up in the right sense and thus can be really intimidating for some people. This is where the formal fancy suits come in. If you are a newly employed professional or just feel like stepped into the adult life then believe us when we say that you definitely need one these formal suits in your wardrobe.

Fancy Suit Now there are various options from which you can choose and we have provided some ideas on the styling aspect too. The type of the mens fancy suit that you choose should depend on the event for which you are dressing up for. For example if it is a work related dinner event and the dress code mentions black tie then you should be looking for a fancy tuxedo suit. Black tuxedo would be the standard option for these events and when you style it with a white tuxedo shirt, black tuxedo pants and black tie it would be a good look. But if you are already bored with the black tuxedo style then go with midnight blue tuxedos or navy tuxedos since they are considered to be a good replacement for the black tuxedos.

If there is no black tie dress code then you can dress in suits but remember to go in the best ones. Fancy 3 piece suit is a good clothing choice for these types of events. The fancy suit vest makes the garment look more formal and professional. You can also try the odd vest style if you find the matching vest and suit look to be too monotonous. For a semi formal event where it is not appropriate to grab some of the attention on yourself you can choose to style a burgundy 3 piece fancy pants suit with a white dress shirt and if needed a black tie. Finish off the look with black leather derby shoes since loafers would be a step down for the formalness of the 3 piece suit.

Semi formal events
Fancy Suit Weddings are one of the events which demand us to take out our fancy suits and there is no escape when you are the groom. For a formal wedding we would recommend the groom to go with a fancy dinner dress suit. If you have the budget then go with the bespoke or the designer fancy suit since it is one of the most important days of your life. Wool dinner suits would be the usual choice but when you want the look to be the best then go with silk or fancy dress velvet suits. It will be sure to deliver the attention that you deserve on the special day. On the other hand if you are the guest then go with the subtler choices of the fancy suits.

Casual events
There are many contemporary styles of the suits like the fancy western suits and the patterned ones like pinstripe suit fancy dress and more. To find the right one you will have to first know about the style. While the suits might work as a whole for the full blown parties the weekend ones require a more casual look. In that case break it down by styling the fancy suit jacket separately with casual garments like tshirts and a pair of jeans.