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Teal Suits

Teal Suits Looking to rock one of the newest trends in fashion? Teal suits are the best pick as of date since the color seems to have impressed everyone. We have been seeing repeated appearances of these suits in the fashion shows and red carpet events. If you love a good looking color along with a stunning outfit that can turn heads then you should definitely think of going with these suits. Proof of this would be the celebrities who seem obsessed with the style for quite some time. Teal suits would be a good addition to your wardrobe especially if you are suffocating it with the navy suits and it’s variations.

Before we go into the details we understand that some people do not know much about colors and teal might be a new thing for them. In that case we would like to start off with an explanation. Teal is a blue green shade and the world is still divided on the topic whether teal is more blue or more green. The name of the color comes from a bird called Eurasian teal since it’s feather color resemble this color. Teal has been in use for a long time now but like with any other colors it look long enough for menswear to actually get into it.

Teal Suits If you are loving these suit style and want to style it for your own then we would suggest you to get down the basics. This way it will be easier for you to get in line with the new color and make it work for yourself. Now coming back to business teal is not a neutral shade in fact it is far from it. While a navy suit will help you blend in with the crowd these suits does the opposite. Thus you should already be aware that styling the suit for your regular day at office might be impossible. But there are shades in teal and when you choose the right one you can style them for the formal events. Dark teal suits have a much subdued look when compared to the bright teal and thus can work for the formal events. Still it would be better if you reserve the suits for the summer and spring casual events.

There are events that we attend other than the ones related to work. Teal color suit is an idea pick for these types of events since they have a casual and fun vibe to it. For example if you are at a summer wedding then it might be very innovative to go with the navy blue suits and in that case we would recommend you to choose teal blue suits especially if it is a beach wedding. The backdrop would provide a cool look and make the outfit work. As for the garden weddings teal green suits would be a better choice. Whichever be the style make sure that the color would be appropriate for the said event and you do not overpower the groom with your outfit.

Teal Suits The fabric of the suit is another important thing to note. Usually people are suggested to go with the teal wool suits since it would get you through any season but as we have mentioned before suits are best to be reserved for the casual events in summer or spring. Thus it would be a better choice to choose the lightweight styles like teal linen suit or cotton suits. Linen suits have our vote since it perfectly delivers the look that is required for the summer vibe. On the other hand if you are getting the garment for a special occasion like for example you are the groom and looking for the wedding outfit then you can consider going with teal velvet suit jacket since it provides a cooler look. As we move on to the styling we would like to mention some celebrity outfits that might help you gain confidence in trying out the style.

Kevin Hart
If you are looking for a simple yet smart look then you should think of going with Kevin Hart’s suit outfit. For an event that he attended the actor and comedian was spotted wearing a suit set which he paired with a white V neck t-shirt and a pair of white leather low top sneakers. If you are packing for a summer vacation then you should consider getting this outfit on board. If you are attending a summer wedding that is mostly casual then this is a good look even for the guest.

Justin Timberlake
Teal Suits If you are a person who is trying out the look for the first time and want to keep things subtle then you should try going with Justin’s look that he wore for the GQ magazine cover. The singer was styled in a dark suit that he paired with a white dress shirt and a light grey Vneck t-shirt. A white pocket square along with a pair of black leather tassel loafers would be a perfect way to finish off the look. This is a much simpler outfit and because of the darker shade you have more opportunities to style it. If you office dress code is quite on the accepting side then you might try going with this outfit but on a special occasion.

ASAP Rocky
ASAP Rocky has been one of the celebrities who did not hesitate to try on new styles and for the 2016 LACMA arts + film event he attended he was spotted rocking a slick Gucci teal suit outfit. If you want a formal yet contemporary look you should think of going with Rocky's style. For the event he was wearing a teal shawl lapel suit Jacket that he paired with a white dress shirt and dark blue dress pants. He finished the look with a pair of black fur loafers but a regular pair of black leather tassel loafers would do the job for you.