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Seersucker Suit

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Seersucker Suit There is a certain amount of entitlement that goes with wearing a seersucker suit. Dapperly dressed men in Europe and the United States search for the right seersucker fabric as soon as the spring approaches. There is one retailer that has an excellent designer seersucker suit for men on a mission. That retailer is MensItaly, one of the best discount mens suits merchant online. There is nothing better than looking like a character out of The Great Gatsby era and acting the part. MensItaly has the designer suit men of all ages can wear for almost any occasion. After all, Gregory Peck wore seersucker in the 1962 film, "To Kill a Mockingbird," and he won an Oscar wearing one.

Seersucker Suit for Men in TV
Andy Griffin showed the versatility of seersucker suits when he was in court on his TV show, "Matlock." Matlock wasn't the most fashion conscious man on the planet, but Griffin's character confirmed the fact that wearing a seersucker suit in the South and the Southwest is a cherished tradition. The tradition actually started in Britain when air conditioning didn't exist. Dressing in seersucker pants, shirts, and seersucker jackets spread to America, and today, the fabric is a fashion favorite.

Designer Seersucker Suits
The MensItaly collection of men's seersucker suits represents resurgence in seersucker as a fashion statement. seersucker blazers, mens pants, shirts, and suits from MensItaly are not the same seersucker that old college professors wore with a red bow tie. We have extraordinary designer seersucker suits for sale that are made with right cut, finest lapel and best shape. The point is, now is the time to forget the old thoughts about seersucker, and embrace the modern version of this versatile fabric and look.

What is a Seersucker Suit
Seersucker Suit There are men out there that have no idea what seersucker is. Seersucker is actually a slack tension cotton weave. Threads are lumped together in a few places, and that gives the fabric its bumpy appearance. The traditional seersucker pattern is usually smooth and puckered pinstripes, but checkered seersucker is also a designer seersucker suit men can wear to the office or a social event. The alternating pucker pattern and the lightweight cotton fabric give seersucker garments the cooling effect. Staying cool is one of the selling features of the fabric, especially during the hot summer months. The puckering pattern keeps some of the fabric away from the skin. That's why the fabric is popular in designer seersucker suits men wear during spring and summer.

When to Wear a Seersucker Suit
A designer seersucker suit men can appreciate is available in several colors. The white seersucker suit is,"the updated mens spring look." But white seersucker is also, "the mens summer favorite."Wearing white seersucker usually ends in September in the North. But the men's spring and men's summer seersucker in darker colors is still popular in some areas of the United States and other countries year round.

What is Seersucker Fabric?
The important thing to remember about a seersucker is, it should be 100 percent cotton. And the suit must be well constructed. Seersucker pants and jackets must be made correctly and they must fit. MensItaly has double breasted suits in seersucker as well as a great selection of matching mens outerwear like mens peacoats, overcoats, and top coats.

Seersucker Suit Almost all men dread the summer especially the ones that will have to suit up often. Suits are undeniably the best when it comes to professional events or simply work atmosphere but the thing with suits is that they are not summer friendly. Most of the time the suits that we have tend to be in wool fabric which in summer can turn suffocating. Therefore, it is important that you select the right kind of fabric for the suits so that you can get through summer unscathed. There are many summer fabrics like linen and cotton. But linen is mostly not used for formal suits .

Other than linen suits and cotton suits , another fabric suit that garners attention in summer is the seersucker suits. Seersucker suit is made from a fabric called seersucker which is a thin, puckered, all cotton fabric. This fabric is commonly striped or checkered and is one of the best summer fabric available in the market. This fabric had its origin in India, and they are woven in a way so that there is a bunching of threads which gives the fabric a wrinkled appearance. Seersucker suit first became famous in the British colonies in warm areas and later was brought to England.

The puckered cotton seersucker suit is greatly underutilized and is a great style for suits. This puckering effect was first produced by altering silk and cotton warps. The benefits of seersucker suit are abundant. First of all, the seersucker suit does not crease like an ordinary fabric does since it is already creased. This gives rise to increased durability and makes the cloth sturdy. Because of its creased look you can wear the seersucker suit without ironing and this seersucker suit is the best option to carry when travelling.

Seersucker Suit Next to that, the seersucker suit is the best when it comes to hot temperatures. The natural puckering in the seersucker suit creates extra pockets of space that allow increased circulation of air and greatly increases the breathability of the material. Seersucker suit comes in variety of textures as well in variety of garment shapes. The texture and the lightweight properties of the seersucker suit makes it look formal and also at the same time prevents you from sweating too much. Seersucker suits are the best alternative for people who greatly despise the creasing nature of the linen suits .

The fit of the seersucker suit is very important. The striped nature of the seersucker suit will easily show if you are wearing a bad fit. So make sure that you get the fit of your seersucker suit right even better than your normal suits. You can go with either skinny fit or slim fit for the seersucker suit but keep in mind that the fit should complement your body shape. Seersucker suit is a great choice for summer weddings or other semi formal events. You can even wear your seersucker suit to your office given that it is of appropriate color and patterned.

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