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Charcoal Gray Tuxedos

Charcoal Gray Tuxedo Tuxedo means black for most men but it need not be so. Of course the most formal events like the black tie events require to be in black tuxedos but that does not mean that it is the only color of tuxedo that you can wear. Only the most formal events that have strict dress codes require black tuxedos but other events are generous when it comes to the color of the tuxedos. Take for instance the award events, even in Oscars our favorite celebrities rock the colored tuxedo styles effortlessly. Therefore, it is not very hard to don on a colored tuxedo. But what is stopping the men from trying out the colored tuxedo look. Habit. Habit can be a scary thing. We are so used to associate tuxedos with black that even when we are thinking our mind pictures a black tuxedo with white shirt and a black tie when we simply hear the word tuxedo. This is understandable because in the century old history of tuxedos there was only once when a colored tuxedo was more preferred than the black tuxedos. For a short time midnight blue tuxedo became the trend, and they were known to look better than the black tuxedos in both daytime and evening events. But this glory of the midnight blue tuxedos was only short-lived since the black tuxedos came back to claim the spot. Since that time till now the black tuxedos have become the norm when it comes to formal events.

But things are changing and the people have grown to being accepting when it comes to individuals fashion choices. This may be one of the best time to try out different styles without worrying much if you can pull it off or not. Colored tuxedos are one such look that you can give a try without neglecting it altogether. Every year we see celebrities rocking the colored tuxedos look like red tuxedos , two toned tuxedos, green tuxedos and sometimes even pink tuxedos. You do not have to go to this extreme but instead can start with the styles that you feel comfortable.

Charcoal Gray Tuxedo The thing with midnight blue tuxedo is that they were said to look blacker than black in the artificial light and this made them highly favorable to the formal events. Therefore, the main point with tuxedos in the formal events is that they need to be dark colored.

So if you are going to try out a colored tuxedo look then start out with dark colors. Charcoal gray tuxedo is a great choice when it comes to dark colored tuxedos. Charcoal gray is a color that is widely been accepted as a formal color even in the business world. Chances are high that you already have a suit or two in charcoal gray. Therefore, when you are starting out the colored tuxedo look it may be best to have a subtle start like the charcoal gray tuxedos. This way you can maintain the formality of the tuxedo and at the same time stand out among the sea of black tuxedos.

Weddings are another great event where you can try out the charcoal gray tuxedos. Again the men are hanging the traditional black tuxedo looks and going with more personalized styles for the weddings. Therefore, you can also try out the charcoal gray tuxedos for the weddings. Whether you be the groom or simply a guest in the wedding a charcoal gray tuxedo is a good look to go with.

If you are the groom charcoal gray tuxedos are a good choice since you can stand out from the usual black tuxedo look. Another great benefit with charcoal gray is their versatility. As we said before charcoal gray is a formal color and this means that you can wear the charcoal gray tuxedo for a formal event that does not strictly require to be in a black tuxedo. At the same time you can also wear the charcoal gray tuxedo to the semi formal events like weddings that getting the best out of your money that you spent on it. Also, the charcoal gray tuxedo is a fresh look when compared to the usual black tuxedo look.

Charcoal Gray Tuxedo Black tuxedos sometimes tend to look dull especially during the daytime events.Tuxedos can overcome that defect thus making a good pick for the events that happen before evenings. When you wear the charcoal gray tuxedo you need to style it right so that you can get the best look.

There are many choices when it comes to charcoal gray. First of all select the fabric in which you are getting the charcoal gray tuxedo. If it comes to formal events it is always best to go with wool. This makes the mens tuxedos look formal and also versatile to a great degree. You can also go with velvet tuxedos for a more sophisticated look. These type of charcoal gray are best for the semi formal and casual events. Silk tuxedos are also a good choice when it comes to these type of events. These two fabrics have a certain sheen about them that makes them look rich and sophisticated. When it comes to silk tuxedos you can go with patterned tuxedos which can give you a more stylish look. The silk and velvet tuxedos can garner attention to you and thus it may be best to be prepared for it.

Another thing that you will have to note while getting is the details. The lapels form a main part in the tuxedo look. Most of the time peak lapels are the ones that come with the but you can also go with shawl collars. These lapels and collars can be as the same color as the rest of the tuxedo but also in a contrasting color. Charcoal gray tuxedo with black lapels or black shawl collar is a good look. As for the tie you can go with bow tie or a long tie.

We are used to wearing black tuxedos for formal events and have continued the tradition for a long time. But in recent times even for most formal events like black tie events it is acceptable to wear dark colored tuxedos as an alternative to black tuxedos. The uniqueness of the person's outfit is more respected now rather than following the rules. In this article we are going to discuss about charcoal gray tuxedos and ways on styling it that is appropriate for the events.

Charcoal Gray Tuxedo This is not the first time that other colored tuxedos have replaced the black tuxedos. Once in the past century the midnight blue tuxedos gained prominence compared to the black tuxedos because of their rich dark color. After some time the black tuxedos regained their place but today it is more of a personal preference than replacing the black tuxedos completely. If you are thinking of getting the tuxedos then there are some things that you will have to note.

The first thing that you should note is the fabric of the tuxedos. When you need a formal garment you can go with wool charcoal gray . You can easily wear them to any formal events like black tie events or any work dinners. These garments are soft and thus can drape well around the body and gives a perfect fit. A wool charcoal gray tuxedo paired with as crisp white dress hurt and a black tie is a great look for any formal event. You can complete the look with a pair of black patent leather tuxedo shoes.

If you live in a tropical country with summer being the prominent climate you can go with cotton charcoal gray tuxedos as a lightweight alternative to the wool tuxedos. Cotton is lightweight and can absorb moisture well. Of you are attending a semi formal or casual event you can try out linen charcoal gray tux. Since they tend to crumple easily it is best to avoid them for strictly formal events. When you go with this style you can add casual styles like light colored dress shirts and losing the bowtie option. Linen charcoal gray tux are a good choice for the groom of the summer weddings.

Charcoal Gray Tuxedo When you need a dressy style that makes you stand out from the crowd you can try out the silk charcoal gray tux. The sheen of the material makes them look rich and elegant. You can also go with velvet charcoal gray tuxedos for a distinct look.