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Chocolate Brown Suit


Chocolate Brown Suits When it comes to formal suits most men tend to choose the navy blue suits or the charcoal grey suits. We understand the appeal of these neutral colored suits since they aren't considered to be the standard choices for no reason. But them being the standard choices also does not mean that you should not try something out of the usuals once in a while. When you find a style that ticks all the boxes for you then it is better to try them out even if it is as a workwear. In this article we discuss the chocolate brown suits and why you should get one of these for your suits collection.

Though you might have guessed already, chocolate brown refers to the shade of brown that resembles the rich and smooth chocolate. Chocolate is a word that entered The English language from Spain. The usage of the word chocolate as a color in English is said to have first recorded in 1737. Most of the time this shade of dark brown is referred to as simply chocolate.

Brown often has the reputation of looking more country but chocolate brown is a rich shade of brown and you can easily style them for the formal events. It gives you a dressed up look and thus you can use them as a replacement for the navy blue suits when you are bored with the style. Most times the suits are underrated but when you know to style them in the right way then you can understand the potential of the color.

Chocolate brown suits can easily tick all the boxes that your beloved neutral suits do and at the same time add some color to your wardrobe. You can style the mens suits for all four seasons since they give out a standard style. If you are hesitant whether the brown suits are appropriate to be used as workwear then you need not worry much since chocolate brown is a dark shade which sometimes border on black and thus they are suitable for even the most conservative of the dress codes. Thus it would be best for you to add a suit to your business appropriate suit collection.

Chocolate Brown Suits Other than this suits also are more versatile sometimes even better than the navy blue suits. We have already made clear that the suits are business appropriate but when you choose to style them for casual events they would give you a leisurely laid back look. But this is not the case with the navy blue suits since when you style them for the casual events they would still make you look like you came straight from your office. Thus adding the suits might be the wardrobe update that you are looking for this season.

There are different ways in which you can style the suits and depending on the event for which you are attending you can choose the style. For example if you are styling the mens suit for a formal event like a evening dinner then it would be best for you to go with the 3 piece suits. The double breasted suit would make you look chic and stylish but make sure you style them right. A three piece suit paired with a light blue dress shirt, purple print tie and white pocket square is a well thought look. You can complete the style with a pair of dark brown leather Oxford shoes.

Weddings are another one of the events for which you can style the suits. If you are the person who is bored with the traditional black tuxedo look for the groom then you can choose to go with the chocolate brown mens wedding suits. You can style the Calvin Klein suit with a simple white dress shirt, brown plaid tie and complete it with a pair of brown leather derby shoes. You can add with the outfit a light colored boutonniere that complements the dark color of the suit. If it is a summer wedding then go with lightweight choices like cotton suits and brown linen suit wedding chocolate. If you are the guest to the wedding then you can lose the vest and go with the 2 piece chocolate brown suit style instead.

Chocolate Brown Suits For a more casual style you can go with the smart casual look of the brown suits. For a effortlessly smart style you can choose to style the single breasted suits with grey striped crew neck tshirt and complete it with a pair of dark green leather loafers.When you are feeling a little more confident you can add a little more color to the outfit by pairing the chocolate brown slim fit suit with a green polo and complete the look with a pair of dark brown suede tassel loafers.

Other than the usual full suit style you can choose to style the suits as separates. For a sport coat type look you can choose to style the suit jacket with a open neck white dress shirt and a pair of light brown flat front dress pants. To complete the look you can add with the outfit a pair of dark brown leather Oxford shoes. For a date night where you want to look dressed up you can choose to style the suit vest with a white dress shirt and chocolate brown pants. To add to the leisurely vibe you can add with the chocolate brown pant suit style a camel overcoat.

Solid suits are the ones that are mostly recommended for the formal and semi formal events. But when you want to try out a different style then try out the patterned ones like pinstripe suits and plaid suits.