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Old School Suits

Mens suits have been a timeless garment that had withstood the test of time. The details may have changed along the time but the basics remain the same. Even today they are the classic clothing that fills our wardrobe. Also the the old school styles are making a comeback and are being increasingly adopted as vintage styles. Thus when choosing the right style for you it may help to know a bit of history of this clothing.

Mens suit have been prevalent from mid 17th century but the style of suiting that we follow now was not being adopted until 19th century. Even at early 19th century the old style was basically a nightmare with the bright wigs, silk stockings and knee breaches. Then the saviour Beau Brummell came along and changed the whole suit outlook. He was the person who is to be thanked for the present simple etiquette. He was bold enough to stray away from the old school look of frock coats and wigs and opted for simple jackets and full length trousers. This eventually evolved into the men's suits that we have today. The style spread widely and it became the trend to wear dark colors and sturdy fabrics rather than the flashy ones. It varied along the regions and the people according to their taste but the basic fit and cut remained the same across the Atlantic. High button stances with four button jackets, slim lapels and high paper shirt collars were the prevalent look. Three piece suits existed with double breasted vests worn under single breasted jackets and that is a look that may not work today. Mostly all the suits were made in a same fashion and varities were not much of an option.

 Blue Suit Vintage Suit Vested Suit
Then the 1920s came and showing off was back in the move. The basic suits were elaborately worked upon and accessories like pins and tie bars became the fashion. Pants became high waisted and baggy and the colorful shirts and ties excluded the jazz vibes. The mens jackets become more work friendly with a loose cut when compared with the previous frame hugging one. This fuzzy show of the wealth only lasted some time until the Great Depression hit the country leaving it penniless and flairless. The somber more subdues colors saw the rise that echoed the atmosphere. Wide double breasted suits with wide legged pants marked the look of that time. 1940's saw a shortage in fabric due to the war and rayon replaced traditional wools and tweeds. 1950's were the time of clone wear and the dark suits with loose pants dominated. 1960's saw slight changes in details like lapels and ties but the hippie culture saw the rise at this time. 1970's surprisingly saw a come back of wider collars and lapels and mostly what looks comical today. This old school suits continued in fashion with the addition of stripes and patterns but at the late 1990's and early 2000's suits entered the phase of multi faceted universe that we know of today.