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Most of the time we tend to stick with the classic and usual colors when it comes to mens wear. We agree that black, grey and navy are the safest options there is but where is the excitement if we choose to go with the usuals on a daily basis. Every once in a while there needs to be a change that keeps us going and this change can be in your wardrobe. If you are bored of your usual suit colors and are craving to try out something new then green suits are a good choice to consider. When we say green don't go altogether to the crappy shades of polyester ones that you see in the costume shops. There are many good shades of green and if you choose right, you can even wear these green suits as your office wear.

The color of the earth is seen as an unconventional color when it is incorporated in the suits but if you are choosing right it can even be an alternative to blue, grey and other classic colors. There are some rules when choosing for the green suit. For this you will need to consider the purpose for which you are purchasing the suit. This greatly influences the shade of green that you are going to choose.

For example if you are looking for a alternative to your usual navy suit, you should always go with dark green suits. These darker shades of green make you look formal and at the same time stylish. There are even more shades in dark green suit like military green and bottle green that are perfect for the office settings. Also at the same time you should also consider the weather when you are choosing the shade of the green suit. In winters, it will be best to go with duskier and darker greens.

But if you aren't looking for formal use then you can try out lighter and brighter colors of green. Light shades like mint green look great for summer since it looks great under natural light. Brighter shades of green are the best for summer weddings. You can go with two piece pastel suit paired with chunky soled Brogues. If you aren't too much into matching suits you can exchange the green trousers and pair the green jacket with any neutral colored Chino and suede loafers for a cool look.

If you are going for a more semi formal type of look, one that you can wear for parties and award events then you can go with some of the rich shades of green that will make you stand out. For a still more stylish look, you can go with green velvet suits that comes with contrasting black lapels. Green suits that are patterned also look great. You can go with sophisticated patterns like paisley and floral ones in contrasting color like black which the makes them stand out. Therefore the key to wearing green suit is to choose the right shade of it.