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Mens Camel Shoes

Camel Shoe If you love dressing up, then you might already know the importance of the choice of shoes for your outfit. Though they might seem like a small part of your outfit, it still completes the look. If you are dressed up perfectly in a formal suit but add with it a pair of sandals, then the look is ruined. Thus it is important for you to take some time in finding the right type of shoes. Usually when we choose shoes, we go with the black and brown shoes. But there are many more styles and today we are here to recommend one such style for you which is the camel shoes. Read the article further to know everything about the style.

If you are a fan of the brown shoes, then you would mostly like the camel shoes too. Camel can be defined as the golden shade of the brown color. The inclusion of the camel shade in the fashion has an interesting story behind it. It was the time of World war and everything was rationed. There was a shortage of wool in the clothing industry and the manufacturers were looking for a replacement. Camel hair was the remedy and soon people started loving the style. But after the war ended, the clothing industry went back to the use of wool. People still loved the camel color and continued to use the color for the garments. This continued to be the look till now and the color has surpassed the clothing industry to the footwear industry.

Camel Shoe The camel shade is lighter than the dark brown shoes that we are used to. Thus they are obviously less formal than the dark brown dress shoes. If you have been looking for a pair of semi formal or the casual shoes, then you should think of going with the mens camel shoes. If you know to style it in the right way, the camel shoes can be a versatile choice. You can style them both with the formal and casual styles. You should be ready to try out the new styles for the look to work out in your favor.

There are different styles of the mens camel shoe and depending on your need you should choose the right one. For example people who want to stick with the formal look can go with the mens camel dress shoes. The leather camel shoe are the ones that are most recommended when it comes to formal styles. But if you want to include dressiness in the formal look, then you should try going with the mens camel exotic shoes. For example, camel alligator shoes are the most preferred choice since they give the best look. The exotic skin shoes are pricier than the calfskin shoes and thus make sure that you check for the authentic camel handcrafted shoes. Go with the branded styles like the authentic belvedere shoes or such trusted names.

Other than the leather camel shoes, there are also options for the more casual look. For example, camel suede shoes are most preferred by people who prefer to go with the trendy looks. For a dressier look, try going with the camel velvet shoes. Think about the style which would work for you the best along with the type of outfits that you frequent.

Camel Shoe If you are convinced about trying out the camel shoe mens, then here are some styles that you should think about. These are some of the nicely looking camel shoe outfits that you can try out. For a simple and smart summer style, you can pair the brown blazer with a white dress shirt and a pair of white dress pants. To add to the coolness of the outfit, you can add with it a brown print scarf and a pair of cognac camel shoes. For a more formal look, you can choose to style the tan suit with a white striped dress shirt and a dark brown tie. Finish off this smart look with a pair of dark green socks and coffee cap toe shoes.

If you are bored with the tonal looks and want to add some contrasting colors to your outfit, then here are some ideas to try out. Style the dark green blazer with a light blue striped dress shirt, dark green print tie and a pair of khaki dress pants. To get a little experimental with the look you can add with the outfit a pair of camel color shoes. For a ruggedly sophisticated look, you can choose to style the navy double breasted blazer, light blue chambray dress shirt, violet tie and a pair of dark brown corduroy dress pants. To complete the outfit in the best way, you can add with the outfit a pair of camel casual shoes.

Camel Shoe If you are thinking of styling the shoes for the casual use, there are many more options for you. For a cool casual outfit you can style the white tank with a beige short sleeve shirt and a pair of white ripped jeans. Throw in a pair of camel casual shoes mens with the outfit to complement it perfectly. For a little more inclusion of stylishness, you can pair the white crew neck t-shirt with a grey striped short sleeve shirt and a pair of beige jeans. To awesomely round off this outfit, you can add with this a pair of camel shoe loafers.

If you are a person who loves dark colors more than the light ones, you can style the navy and white floral short sleeve shirt with a pair of navy chinos for a casual style. Add with this outfit a pair of dark brown sunglasses and then camel suede shoes loafers. For a classy and cool look, you can style the white long sleeve shirt and a pair of brown chinos. To make the look awesome, you can add with it a pair of cheap priced camel shoes.