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Black Blazer Black blazer and black suits have got a bad reputation especially among the younger generation. There have always been the argument about the black blazer being boring and outdated. But when you know to style it in the right way the garment can deliver the best look for you. Mens black blazers can be versatile garments which can provide you with the best style. We are here to help you revamp your black blazer or to encourage people to choose a black blazer while picking out a style.

One of the reasons why black blazer is branded as boring is because of the fact that it is a monochromatic and neutral shade. But it being that is a great advantage since it can pair well with almost any color. You don’t have to spend too much time thinking about the combinations and thus this is the best style for the person who is trying out the formal style for the first time. Also black blazer is more versatile than the black suits and thus do not hesitate while you are going for the garment.

There are different styles present in the black blazers and depending on your need you can choose the best style. For example if you are attending a formal event then you can choose a fully lined and structured black blazer while for the informal occasions the unlined blazers would be great. The season at which you are intending to use the garment would also determine the type of the look that you would need. For example people usually go with black wool blazer outfits since it provides an impressive drape. But for the summer events lightweight styles like the cotton blazers black jacket and linen blazers would be a better choice. While these are common styles there are also luxurious choice which would be appropriate for the special occasions. Velvet black blazers or silk black blazers would be a cool style and make you stand out from the crowd of wool black blazers. There is also the option of synthetic ones like mens black polyester blazer or rayon blazer for people who want to check out the cheaper styles.

Black Blazer If you are thinking about the styling of the black blazers mens here are some ideas which might help you reinvent the style. You might already know that the fashion world and perception of people have shifted a great deal. Now the formal garments like mens suits and blazers are not simply formal garments but can be anything depending on your need. You just have to know to style it in the different ways to make it work. We have compiled some of the possible black blazer outfits ideas which might help you get started with the style.

Since black blazer is widely viewed as a formal garment we would like to start with the formal styling of it. For a polished and neat outfit which you can wear to your office as workwear you can style the black business blazer with a light blue dress shirt, navy and white polka dot tie, black vest and a pair of black check chinos. To add a bit of zing to this outfit a pair of white socks and black leather double monks would be great. For a more classic and traditional type of look you can style the black colour blazer with a white dress shirt, red tie and a pair of beige dress pants. While there are different ways to finish off this look we would suggest a pair of burgundy socks and dark brown suede loafers to do the job. For a more formal and subtle style of outfit you can style the mens black blazer with a white and navy striped dress shirt, burgundy print tie, orange print pocket square and a pair of charcoal grey dress pants. To complement the look you can add with the outfit a pair of orange socks and brown leather double monks.

Now if you think that the black blazer would be better off for the off duty days rather than styling it for your office then here the outfit styles that would suit you. The black blazer paired with a light blue dress shirt and a pair of dark brown dress pants is a business casual style that could work for the semi formal events too. But if there is a special occasion involved sau a wedding then you can choose to style the shawl lapel black blazer with a white dress shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. To add a tone of refinement to the outfit add with it black leather Oxford shoes.

Black Blazer For a chilly day when you don’t feeling like dressing up too much you can just throw on the black 2 button mens jacket along with a white turtleneck and a pair of black skinny jeans. A black overcoat added to the mix along with a pair of burgundy leather tassel loafers is a cool way to finish off the look. If you are a person who loves the all black outfit style as much as us then you would definitely dig the following outfits.

Black designer blazer paired with a black dress shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans is a simple yet camera worthy look. To match up to the highest sartorial standards of this outfit add a pair of black leather Chelsea boots. For a little bit of a subdued look you can style the black skinny fit blazer with a black turtleneck and a pair of black jeans. A black overcoat along with a pair of black leather Chelsea boots is the perfect choice to round off the look. Whether be it black blazer dress outfits or black casual blazer outfits make sure that you choose the perfect fit of the garment. Custom made and designer blazers obviously are the better choice but the price involved is high. Go with off the rack choices and alter them to fit you perfectly.