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Mens Velvet Dress Pants

Velvet Pants Velvet has been one of the popular fabric in menswear due to its softness and the luxurious look it offers. This is a holiday season fabric that can be dressed up and down according the wearer's option. When you don on the chic outfit the air instantly turns festive that will draw the right kind of attention.

If you love the fabric but do not know how to style the swanky fabric then you are at luck. In this article we discuss what it takes for men to look fabulous in the velvet style. The first rule when it comes to dressing in velvet be it the full suit or separates like mens velvet dress pants or the mens jackets is that it should be of good quality. The velvet has a sheen to it that if overdone can give a cheap look. Thus it is better to avoid synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester which have a unnatural sheen to it. Quality velvet that is worn with blend of silk or cotton has a authentic look to it that will maintain its look for years.

Velvet Pants When it comes to wearing dress pants is to get the right fit. A very skin tight fit looks too glamorous and not the one you will want to wear if don't need unnecessary attention. But if the fit of the mens velvet dress pants is too loose it will ruin the whole look. It is better to stick with slim straight leg cut unless you want to experiment your own look. The slim fit is often nowadays known as the modern fit that has a bit of the ankle showing but never as tight as the skinny jeans.

As for the color of the mens velvet dress pants black is the classic color that works best with all shades. If you are thinking of trying other colors, it is best to keep them dark and plain. Navy blue, black and bottle green are some standard colors that you can use.

You can wear the mens velvet dress pants along with the full suit but you can also style it as separates. While you can wear the velvet blazers with even jeans it is better to pair mens velvet dress pants with formal styles. Style them with crisp solid colored shirts or a sweater for a clean look. If you are going with casual styles then you will need to dress carefully. Denim shirts and Chelsea boots work well with mens velvet dress pants but you will need to keep it dark.

Velvet Pants If you are attending an event that you need to stand out from the crowd then go for style complete with mens velvet dress pant, dress shirt and blazer all in velvet. If you don't feel the whole velvet look then replace the the dress shirt with turtleneck in a slightly contrasting color. If you have an office event like a dinner gathering then go with a black mens velvet dress pant with a dark brown turtleneck and a dark colored plaid blazers that gives you a Bond worthy outfit.