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All Black Tuxedo

Black Tuxedo Tuxedos are formal garments that have been the norm for perfectly dressed men. Be it black tie events or any special occasions you want to dress up the first recommendation that you get is to go with black tuxedos. We are used to the ensemble of black tuxedo with white shirt and black velvet bow tie. But if styled right the black tuxedo can be a versatile garment that you can use in different variations. In this article we discuss about all black tuxedo and tips on how to style it the best.

All black tuxed is a dressy style that you can wear to fancy events in which you don't mind standing out. The advantage with the all black tuxedo is that you can wear them to both formal and semi formal events. When it is for a strictly formal one like black tie event pair the black tuxedo with a white shirt and black bow tie. But when you need a stylish distinct look then you can replace the white shirt in the ensemble with a black shirt and aim for the black tuxedo look. The sleek black tuxedo look is a classy one that you can complete with a pair of black patent leather Oxfords. If you are going for the black tuxedo look then there are some details that you will have to note.

Black Tuxedo The material of the is the first thing that you will have to note since it greatly influences the quality. For a formal style you can go with wool all black tuxedo. As for the shirt you can go with cotton black tuxedo shirt since with layers you should go with lightweight shirts. If the event is happening in summer then you can go with lightweight options like cotton and linenblack tuxedo. For dressy events you can try out luxurious ones like silk and velvet black tuxedo. The lapels on the tuxedo are the main point that differ the tuxedo from suits since they are faced with satin or grosgrain.

As for the type of the all black tuxedo you can go with 3 piece for formal look. The vested tuxedo will give you a streamlined look that you make you look extra classy. If you are dislike the vest you can go with 2 piece black tuxedo or else you can add a cummerbund to the mix. As for the lapels you can go with peak lapel black tuxedo for formal events while for shawl lapel for dressy events.

The fit of the black tuxedos matter a lot. The black tuxedo look is best for large men since they give you a slim look. Go with slim fit black tuxedo when you want to look taller. Classic fit black tuxedo and Big and tall all black tuxedo are for men who want a roomier fit.