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White Pinstripe suits

If you want to choose an outfit, you would do it with utmost attention and care isn't it? Before you decide, a million questions will actually pop up in your head. Is it a good color? Is it the correct size? Does it suit me? Is it good enough to grab attention? Is it comfortable? On what occasions can you use it? You can see that this is common for both men and women. If you are a man a suit is the supreme form of clothing which can make you look cool yet formal, casual yet confident. So when you choose one for yourself, you should do it intelligently. Now there are many kinds of suits namely the plaid suit, dinner suit, double-breasted suit, the three piece suit, the dinner suit and the Pinstripe suit.

Have you seen Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street? Well you can see him wearing pinstripe suits in this movie. A Pinstripe suit comes with vertical parallel stripes. If you are tall and lean you could choose a heavy pinstripe suit with thicker stripes to complement your girth but if you are short and broad, then a lightweight one with thin stripes will do. When choosing your shirt, make sure that it goes well with the hue of your stripes.

White Pinstripe suits make you look really classy and elegant. They can be worn for a party as well as for formal occasions like interviews or conferences. They will make heads turn towards you. You can select the fabric of the shirt to be worn along with your white pinstripe suit according to your comfort. Shirts come in a variety of fabrics. If you want very little texture in your shirts, then go for the broadcloth shirts. They exhibit very little sheen and are thinner and lighter in weight. To name a few cons - they are slightly transparent and are not wrinkle-resistant. If you prefer wrinkle-resistant and easy-to-iron shirts with compact fits then grab one woven in twill fabric. Twill generally exhibits a diagonal weave or texture. You might find some folks congenial with heavier, thicker and opaque fabric. In that case you should be recommending the Pinpoint Oxford fabric which is one of the most long-lasting and tough fabrics. A much more durable and modified, softer version of the Twill fabric is the Denim which is a great piece of material for rough and tough use. Linen shirts are extremely breathable and are agreeable for hot climates. Typically linen shirts will be more loosely woven than most common cotton shirts and have great aridity as compared to cotton. Linen also tends to wrinkle more easily than cotton and generally feels much more relaxed because of this. Flannels are warm, downy fabrics that offer a snug and cosy fit for cold weathers. They are generally 100% cotton but sometimes can come in cotton/wool, and even cotton/cashmere blends for added balminess. Usually entwined abundantly, it is pleasant for cold climates. Apart from these, there is a huge pool of fabric varieties from which you can choose to suit your body constitution.

Colors and accessories too play an important role. You must make sure to choose the right color shirts, ties, shoes and glasses to wear along with your white pinstripe suit. The outfit ensemble on the whole must look fabulous if you are partying and professional if officially engaged. A Blue shirt with black buttons is a perfect combo with your white suit. Wear a cyan colored belt to complete this perfect blend. A black shirt with a black and white striped tie along with your white pinstriped suit will make you stand out among a crowd. A red shirt with a black tie along with your white pinstriped shirt will give you the bold and rowdish gangster look. You could top it up with a pair of black tinted cooling glasses. You could try various styles to suit the occasion and your judgement.

Men are often on the lookout for new styles and white pinstripe suits come in many different styles. You have the three button and the two button white pinstripe suits. They may have two front flap pockets, four decorative buttons at cuffs, one besom chest pocket, four interior chest pockets, double back vents, Notched Lapel, 3 buttons, etc. One can also pick stitching along the seams, lapels and vents. The jacket is fully lined and the trousers have front slack pockets, zip fly with hook-and-bar, back besom pockets, button-tab closures, front slant pockets, split waist construction, single pleat, unfinished hems and Inseam.

The various features of the white pinstriped suits make them really versatile and in vogue, trendy and flexible.