The 1920s was the age of jazz and pizzazz. Hollywood actors and famous athletes set the clothing style trends for men, and those trends are classics today. Department stores like Montgomery Ward and Sears Roebuck gave men the opportunity to buy the latest fashions on the spot. The clothing that made this golden age special has withstood the test of time. A good example is the three-piece suit, which became a must-have for businessmen during the prohibition years. And those 1920s suit and suspenders still have the power to rock modern men's fashions.

How to Be a 20s Fashion Sport

Understanding men's fashion in the roaring 20s was not a prerequisite for wearing 1920s style suits. In fact, other popular clothing choices included casual knickers and baggy trousers. There were certain unwritten rules for men to follow to pass the test as a 1920s "fashion sport." For example, if they went golfing, motoring, or on a country outing, they usually put on a homespun tweed mens overcoat with a sporty, flannel jacket underneath it.

What to Wear for Afternoon Tea – or Something Stronger

The white Oxford shirt had a perfectly tied bow tie as its showpiece. Polished calf wingtips and the Panama hat tilted just the right way was always on fleek. The formal vintage fashions for afternoon tea included black cutaway jackets, gray striped or black-and-white striped wool trousers and a plain white linen shirt. Mens tuxedo shoes in patent leather and spats gave the afternoon tea look a touch of English sophistication.

Suits and Suspenders: Classic Formal Attire

Men invited to weddings or formal dinner parties always wore black or dark blue dinner jackets with matching trousers. For a touch of class, they added pleated white shirts with a winged or folded collars and black silk bow ties. They finished the look off with black button boots, a derby hat, gold cufflinks and studs.

The Roaring 20s Party Look for Men

For parties, men wore off-white sweater vests and blue collared shirts with white cuffs, but they gave it some pop with a flashy long tie. A pair of gray knickers gave the man wearing them the flair they needed to attend any casual party. They also went for brown vests that came up to the neck with a no-collar taupe shirts. Adding baggy wide-legged trousers and tweed newsboy caps helped set the mood for sporting events like football games.

1920s Were All About the Accessories

Accessories were a big deal in the 1920s, and for example, most men donned a colorful bow tie with their 1920s suits. Some men preferred a flashy long tie; however, the formal vintage fashions didn't stand on their own. Men included accessories like pocket squares, gold cuff links, calfskin gloves and hats, which completed the fashion statement. And spectator or straight tip shoes were the finishing touches that put men over the top in the golden decade of the roaring 20s.

Although most men think of a 1920s suits and suspenders when recalling the fashions of the day, there was much more to it than that. There was a style for nearly every activity, including work, parties, sports events and formal affairs. That style still stands steady today.

1920s Suits and Suspenders: Exploring Men's Casual and Formal Vintage Fashions