The 1920s was an age of awakening in America. World War I ended in 1918 followed by a financial recession, which threw the country into a vat of depression. Men and women wanted to free themselves from the horror and fear of war. Fashion and music became catalysts to that end, and both brought the country back to life in the 20s. Here is an interesting look at the roaring 20s and men’s fashions.

A Time to Let Loose and Have Fun

The second decade of the 20th century became the roaring 20s because of the sound of jive and the soul of the blues. Vibrant suit and clothing colors told the world America was healing from the ravishes of war. America fell in love with fancy fashion. The decade was a time to have fun and to express classic sophistication.

Men’s suit colors were neutral, but the accessories gave the suit patterns a vibrant personality. The appeal of the 1920s has never gone away in the fashion industry. The Great Gatsby suit became a rock star in that decade. Hollywood has never left the 1920s, and most men fashion suits haven’t, either. Shows like Downton Abbey and Boardwalk Empire continue to keep 1920s fashions alive.

The Importance of the Great Gatsby Suit in the 20s

In the 20s, an essential part of a man’s wardrobe was a Great Gatsby type suit. Men wore suits everywhere – to the office, to parties and even when they were on vacation. College men wore athletic inspired sweaters and knickers, but even young men had a heavy flannel or wool Great Gatsby suit in their closets.

The proper hairstyle was another fashion statement, so men of all ages spent time grooming and primping. Well-groomed hair represented neatness. The 1920s was the decade where a gentleman had to look like a gentleman, even when he was on the dance floor. He could wear a light gray, double-breasted, vested suit with a red, yellow and tan floral tie and two-tone wingtip brogues, but if his hair wasn’t right, the look was incomplete.

How the Roaring 20s Still Impacts Modern Men’s Fashions

Men’s fashions still have the roaring 20s vibes. The heavy flannel and tweed suits may be gone, but suits still have more than a touch of the Great Gatsby in them. Today’s suits and formalwear retain the essence of the 20s, but modern men prefer fresher and more contemporary versions of their great grandfather’s swing suits. The youthful silhouettes and textures of today’s Great Gatsby suits still have the same social status and sense of wealth as the old classics.

Today, a blue cotton blazer or an off-white pinstripe seersucker suit reaffirms the polish and the classic aesthetics that made the 20s roar in celebration. Just like the old days, men’s suits are expressing social change and a cultural shift. The athletic influence is as strong now as it was back then. With its classic style, the Great Gatsby suit continues to be the glue that holds the suit world together.