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The trend of black chalk stripe suit

Black Chalk Stripe Suit There have been many theories regarding the origin of the pinstripe suit which allows a uniformed professional uniform for the corporate world of bankers, businessman and lawyers. Although when pinstriped suits had started in the era of 1920s, it was quite flashy in its appearance. But now the look has turned out to be more sophisticated and gives a more respectable look to the wearer which can be carried out on an everyday basis. You must have seen that in old Hollywood movies, gangster and mafia characters like that of Al Capone were dressed in the flashy black prom stripe suit. But later more reformed and respectable versions were seen on stars like Clark Globe and Fred Astaire. If you are looking for a suit of these kinds for you, then you must visit www.mensitaly.com. Here your search will stop and you will get what you have desired all along.

Apart from the solid pattern suits that one generally finds in the market, pinstripe is another basic pattern that you can get. This pattern is categorised with vertical lines running all over the pants and jackets. The stripes are of medium width and thickness as compared to the pencil striped suit or the chalk striped ones. The pencil striped suits are thinner and closely spaced while the chalk striped has thick stripes. The pinstripe is something which is in between the stripe thickness of the other two kinds. Out of all these, the pinstripe is the most popular kind of striped suit which gives a more formal and authoritative look.

The details of a black chalk stripe suit are generally the number of buttons, the lapels, the cuts and double or single breasted style. You have to pay attention to these to understand which kind of suit will be the best for you. Men who have a broader and muscular physique, they should opt for thinner pinstripes. This will give an illusion of them looking taller and slimmer, contrary to their natural physique. The stripes are not printed on the material, but are actually woven into the material in such a way to form this pattern. This gives a more natural look.

There is a theory that the origins of these suits are from the military uniform which was once worn by the Americans. Another explanation is that it has been inspired from the boating suit of 1890s, which had a dark and thin stripe with a cream background. This sporting link still continues in the USA with the uniform being worn by various baseball teams in the twentieth century. But today you will find the black chalk stripe suit having dark colored stripes and the background being a shade or two darker than the stripe. This look is subtle and doesn't look very gaudy.

When it comes to matching the shirt with a pinstripe suit, the personality of the wearer is considered quite important in buying them. If you want a sober look, then you can go with the typical white or light colored shirt. If you are opting for a trendier look, then you can go for dark colored shirts with matching handkerchief in the breast pocket. When wearing pin striped suits, make sure that your tie is either plain or has a very discreet design. With these tips you can decide to buy the best black chalk stripe suit for yourself!