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Mens Olive Pinstripe

Mens Olive Pinstripe

Men's suits play a vital role in business meetings, job interviews, formal dinners, weddings, formal parties, dressy parties, proms, everyday work, ceremonies and festivals, and other special occasions. There is a sense of manliness and class conveyed through suits which are quite absent in other outfits. Suits can be worn by all men, irrespective of age, skin color, height or weight. When we think of suits, we always wish to buy quality brands as they look amazing and are very durable. A suit is worn with the intention of making a statement of oneself, create a certain image or simply create an expression. In the competitive corporate world a suits conveys the individual's place in the organizational hierarchy, connote one's position and express his proficiency and mastery in his field. Dressing stylishly in a suit not just gains the attention and respect of others, but it also makes you feel good about yourself. You get the feeling of being manly, classy and confident. No matter how many new trends come along in the fashion industry, suits never can and never will go out of style.

Mens Olive Suit Cheap Pinstripe Suit

An olive green pinstripe suit is an elegant choice for a formal occasion like a business meet, everyday work, client meeting and so on. A pinstripe is the safest pattern which consists of vertical thin lines on the suit jacket and the trouser pants. They are very thin that they almost look solid colored and because of this they are considered very gentle and safe for those who want to wear patterns but not look too flashy. Though pinstripe suits are difficult to pull off, when done right, they can create a look so trendy and yet so sophisticated which the solid colored suits would never be able to create. Olive green is a subtle and an elegant color and suits men of all skin tones and complexions. They are very unique and different from the regular work suits and hence they can be worn with confidence, as they tend to make you a head turner.

Mens Olive pinstripe Suit Designer pinstripe Suit

Solid, muted colors of shirts are proper for the olive pinstripe suits as they reduce the flashiness. The best thing about them is that you can repeat the color of the pinstripes. Wearing shirts which are of the color of the pinstripes is a great idea and it would look very elegant and fashion forward. Colored and patterned ties can be sported with confidence as long as the colors or the patterns don't clash with the olive green color or the pinstripes. The shoes that you wear with the pinstripe suit can be black or brown formal shoes like the Oxfords, Brogues, Wingtips, Monk straps etc. Pocket squares are optional where a white or a pale colored one would do well. Patterned ones can be sported as well, as long as the patterns are in synch with the pinstripes. Browse through our website to find the size measurement chart and buy an olive pinstriped suit of the correct fit for you.