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Stacy Adams Walking Suits

Stacy Adams Suit When it comes to suits we are all used to the standard style of the suit jacket with suit trousers style that we pair with the dress shirts and ties. But with the fashion world becoming more casual everyday men should get used to the casual styles becoming the trend. Walking suits are considered to be one of these less formal styles which you can try out for the semi formal and casual events. In this article we discuss the stacy Adams walking suits, the history behind the style and some of the best ways in which you can style them.

For people who are new to this style, walking suits come with matching shirt and trousers and it is now known by several names. Whichever the style you are choosing be it formal suits or walking suits one main thing that you will have to note is the quality of the suits. Suits made of good quality fabrics will give you a perfect look and also would last for a long time. Thus for the walking suits well known brand like Stacy Adams is recommended. More than a century in fashion world, stacy Adams was founded in 1875 in Brocton, Massachusetts and it was started as a shoes company. The name comes from the collaboration of its founders William H. Stacy and Henry L. Adams. Through all these years Stacy Adams has weathered the test of times and seen it all from the roaring 20s to the jazz era.

All through these years Stacy Adams suits and all the products have undergone constant improvement keeping ming the comfort and style of the wearer and along with it the changing trends. Thus when you go with the Stacy Adams walking suits you need not expect anything less than a perfect style. When you choose the Stacy Adams suits there are some things that you will have to note but before going into that it will be best to learn some of the history of these walking suits.

Stacy Adams Suit During the 18th century people in Europe flourished and the boom in this wealthy class of people brought with it a new sartorial sense. The textile industry grew and the clothing became cheaper but more practical. Thus the high class families and even the middle class ones started to buy more clothes and designate clothing for different times of the day. This was the time when the difference between the daywear and Eveningwear became evident. While the leisure walking and strolls men designated clothing separately. The walking suits were more on the casual side and it was mostly used in the 1920s. Depending on the type of walk the outer garment over the walking suits were worn be it a vest or a jacket.

In recent times sometimes the casual jacket with matching trousers combination are also known as the walking suits. The Stacy Adams walking suits are available in different fabrics and you can choose the one that will suit your need. The casual Stacy Adams walking suits are mostly recommended for the summer and spring events. Thus it is will be best for you to go with lightweight fabrics like Stacy Adams cotton walking suits and Stacy Adams linen walking suits. These fabrics are Breathable and can keep you cool even when the temperature is scorching hot.

When you are looking for a dressier type of Stacy Adams walking suits for men then it will be best for you to try out the luxurious styles like the silk stacy Adams walking suits. The sheen of the fabric when paired with the casual style will give you a laid back but elegant style for the casual events. When you are on a restricting budget and would like to go with the cheap Stacy Adams walking suits then it will be best for you to go with the synthetic fabrics like the polyester Stacy Adams walking suits and rayon Stacy Adams walking suits.

The 2 piece suit is the one that is most common style but when you want a different style then you can add a vest or a jacket to the mix. For example when you want a slightly formal look then you can choose to go with the Stacy Adams mens 3 piece suit by adding the suit jacket. The mens walking vested stacysuits are a good style to try since the vest style which was dormant for a long time is coming back in style.

Stacy Adams Suit When it comes to the style of the Stacy Adams walking suits there are two different styles depending on the shirt. The long sleeve Stacy Adams walking suits are usually recommended for the fall and winter seasons so that they can provide you protection against the cold even if it is to a minimal degree. But as mentioned before Stacy Adams mens walking suits are considered to be a casual style and thus are recommended for summer and spring. In this case it is best for you to go with the Stacy Adams short sleeve suits. You can choose to pack them for the summer vacations or style them for the summer events like beach parties.

Most times the solid Stacy Adams walking suits are recommended and this is a good a choice for men who are trying out the style for the first time since the simple style will help you get used to it. But when you need a different style that will make you stand out then you can choose to go with the patterned Stacy Adams walking suits. Stacy mens pinstripe suits are a good style to start since they are a simple pattern and also can make you look taller and leaner. For a more casual style you can go with the checked Stacy Adams walking suits or the plaid Stacy Adams walking suits. For a fashionable look go with embroidered Stacy Adams walking suits or printed Stacy Adams walking suits.