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Mens Velvet Suit

Velvet Suit Do you know the hottest trend of 2021? Velvet suits. The plush fabric has been scoring a lot both in menswear and womenswear. Velvet has always been a point scorer and has been in the clothing industry for a long time now. While most have branded it to be Santa clothing some have dared to venture into the territory of velvet clothing and have succeeded a great deal. When it comes to velvet suits most people might be reminded of Mick Jagger. He will remain the forever heartthrob for the velvet lovers but there are new ones upcoming and you might want to check them out. Blue velvet suits are the topic that we are going to focus on in this article and we hope that we convince you to try the style out for yourself.

Velvet suit gives you an elegant vibe that cannot be matched by any other fabric and this makes it more special. One thing that makes people hesitate while going with the blue velvet suits or any velvet suits for that matter is the fact that they are flashy and can turn heads. But the whole point is that sometimes you are allowed to turn heads with how impressive your outfit is. You don’t have to always stick with the navy suits and charcoal suits especially when you are out of office. Thus adding a blue velvet suit is like breathing fresh air to the wardrobes of many men.

As for the color for the starters who would like to go slow we suggest you to go with black velvet suits. The sheen of the fabric is subdued because of the dark color and would provide you with a rich but subtly impressive outfit. Blue velvet suit designs on the other hand are the next step and the advantage with this is that they provide with more options that a black velvet suit can offer. Though black suits can be worn to formal events they might not be of too much help when it comes to semi formal and casual events since black can look too sombre in these settings.

Velvet Suit But the greatest advantage of choosing mens blue colour velvet suit is that you can choose from the different shades of blue suits according to your taste or the nature of the event that you attending. For example if you are a person who is just venturing into the territory of the velvet suits and have mustered the courage to give it a try then going with dark blue velvet suits would be our recommendation. On the other hand if you are quite used to the style and are ready to rock the stage with your outfit then you can try your hand with the bright blue velvet suit shades. The shade greatly influences the resulting look and thus we would suggest you to take some time in finding the right one that would benefit you the most.

If you are thinking about the styling aspect of the blue velvet suit mens there are a lot of celebrity examples in the web. This season both the fashion designers and the celebrities seem to love the velvet suit look and thus we are getting a lot of stunning blue velvet suit outfit styles. Going through this can help you frame an idea on how to work your own blue velvet suit look. Here are some of the ideas of the outfit styles that we have found to be good examples for the people who are thinking of trying the blue velvet suit look.

The first in our list is the most formal style that you can find – blue velvet dinner suit. Though we don’t have the exact look for this style the close one that comes to this is the one that Prince Harry (once a prince always a prince) wore to his wedding. The couple looked fabulous in the simple and minimal wedding attire but Harry was the epitome of classiness. He was seen wearing a black dinner suit that he paired with a white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie. While black is the usual attire for these formal weddings dark shades of blue is also allowed. Thus if you are not a very big fan of black suits then you can simply choose to go with the dark blue velvet tuxedo suit.

Velvet Suit You can style the tuxedo suit with a formal tuxedo shirt and bow tie for the formal events but when it a slightly casual one like prom you can go with the blue velvet prom suit. Instead of the usual blue velvet suit with white shirt look you can make the look more appealing for these events. Blue velvet prom suit with a black silk dress shirt would be a cool and stylish look given that you have a smart casual dress code for the event. To complete the look you can add with the outfit black leather loafers since the black leather oxford shoes can make your look too uptight. If you are ready for the full suit look you can choose the Taylor hill blue velvet suit.

If you want your outfit to be more modern and laid back you can go with the newest styles like the blue crushed velvet suits. These styles can be considered for the younger styles when you are looking for blue velvet toddler suits. Adults are sometimes too self conscious about the outfits but the kids are opposite of that. They can rock any style with the confidence level that we can most probably never achieve and thus be liberal when you are choosing the outfits for your child. You can choose the blue velvet suit wedding for your child when they have an important role to play in the wedding like being the page boy or such. Other than this you can also choose to go with the velvet blue 3 piece suit look.