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Get your dream look with Gucci tuxedo

Tuxedos are the wardrobe staples that continue to remain top on the wish list of many modern men, who seek versatility in their dressing. It is sure that you will not get confused in choosing the styles of the tuxedos as everyone selects their piece based on their personal style and look but the point where the argument begins is that with the selection of the brand. Many brands might bloomed up with many alluring features but only some brands design the features, keeping wearer's requirements in mind and the Gucci is one such kind. This brand is been a fashion destination of several clothing but its most prestigious production is the tuxedos. With an impeccable Italian craftsmanship the Gucci tuxedo, from the house of Gucci is the worth to wear attire that gives you a fresh silhouette for your dressier events.

Mens Gucci Tuxedo

Overview of Gucci:

The Gucci was founded in 1921, in Florence, in the name "Guccio Gucci". Since then, this biggest selling Italian brand that is committed to excellence is offering a quality leather goods, clothing and cosmetic products to the customers at affordable prices. With a rich heritage of 94 years in the fashion industry, the products of Gucci carry a matchless artisanal qualities and unparalleled designs.

The contours that make the Gucci tuxedo unique:

The statement jacket:

The tuxedo jackets are usually constructed from worsted wool that is toned in traditional navy blue or black and made available in two styles- the single breasted and the double breasted. Featuring tailored fit and silky soft texture, this stylish ensemble creates an elegant frame to your masculine handsome physique. Breathable interior is always seen with genuine lining for offering comfort all day long. The Gucci tux jacket with no vents is always preferred by the wearers, since it appreciates slimmest silhouette and high degree of formality however; this exotic wear is also crafted in single vent and dual vent style for offering greater flexibility to the movements.

1 button Almond Tuxedo

Breathtaking slacks:

The slacks of this earthy collection are styled in the same material from which the long lasting jacket is made. With vertical slit and wide waistband, it sits on your waist appropriately without making a grungy outlook. When it comes to Gucci tuxedos, unlike other brands, the front design is always kept flat and minimal for a stunning classic look. So, it is sure that you will not look normal or the one among the regular crowd, wearing the luxurious Gucci tux trousers.

Celebrity moment:

James Franco, the famous Hollywood actor has recently received the golden globe award wearing the ethnic Gucci tuxedo designed with satin peak lapel and two- button single breasted front. Barack Obama is seen addressing the people outside the white house, donning the fabulous Gucci tuxedo embossing a polished finish. These celebrities have brought to light the fact that from the famous American political personalities to the great Hollywood stars, these Gucci tuxedos are all the rage among the public figures.