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Midnight Blue Tuxedo

White Suit For styling the white tuxedo for men you will have to consider the event for which you are dressing to. If it is a formal event, then you can go with a three piece white tuxedo for men. If you dislike the vest style then you can choose the two piece white tuxedo for men style. For any formal event you can go with all white look but if you want to show variations then you can change the color of the tie that you pair with the white tuxedo for men. As for the color of the tie to pair with the white tuxedo for men you can go with darker colored ones that contrast with the shade of the shirt that you are wearing. Some common colors for ties that look great when paired with white tuxedo for men are black and red. You can also go with patterned ties that will make your look more stylish. You can draw inspiration for these looks from classic films like Godfather and the Great Gatsby. Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Pacino effortlessly rocks the white tuxedos style and look great in the famous 1920s look.

Now if you want to wear a white tuxedo for men as a casual look, then are many more options than the formal look. For this attire you can forgo the tie and go with mens shirt that has the top button unbuttoned. For this casual style you can go with white tuxedos and off white tuxedos that have a different colored lapel. White tuxedos with black lapels is a good look for formal events. For a more casual look you can go with satin or silk shirts which has a sheen about them.

If you are still not convinced with the all white tuxedo for men look then you have another option of going with off white tuxedos. White tuxedos are the best when it comes to mens wedding tuxedos especially for the outdoor ones like beach weddings. Off white tuxedos and white tuxedos look great under the natural light and the white tuxedos easily give the best pictures. When you visit the online sites you can get cheap white tuxedos for a great bargain.

Midnight Blue Navy Tuxedo When we think about mens tuxedos the first thing that pops up in our mind is the black tuxedos. Black tuxedos have been the norm for formal events for a very long time. We are talking about a century old history but there is a part in history when the black tuxedos were replaced by a colored tuxedo. Midnight blue tuxedo ruled the formal events for a short period of time and is making a comeback in recent years. If you are thinking about pulling off a midnight blue tuxedo look then there are some styling tips that can make your look impeccable.

Blue Tuxedo as mentioned before replaced the black tuxedo for quite some time. The blue tuxedo was known to look blacker than black under the artificial lighting. The formal events that men attended during the earlier times were all held in the evenings and thus the look o blue tuxedo under artificial lighting caught on fast. Another main advantage with the tuxedo is that it looked great for morning events too which made it a versatile pick. The black tuxedos looked dull and faded out in the morning events especially when they weren't brand new. This was not the case with the blue tuxedo since they looked rich and elegant at any time of the day. The fact that they looked great in pictures was also a driving point. The trend of tuxedo lasted for quite some time before the black tuxedo came back for its place.

Midnight Navy Blue Tuxedo Nowadays for people who are already bored of the black tuxedo, midnight blue tuxedo is the best choice. For many of the formal events, wearing a is considered to be an appropriate attire. Weddings are one such events where the tuxedo would work the best. If it is a formal wedding then most of the guests will be in black tuxedos. If you are the groom you may not be very thrilled in dressing the same as half of the crowd. In these cases tuxedo can do the job of making you stand apart from the sea of black tuxedos.

The fabric of the midnight blue tuxedo should be carefully chosen keeping in mind the event. If the event is a winter formal one then it is best to go with wool tuxedo. If it is a summer one like a beach wedding then it is best to go with lightweight ones like cotton tuxedo and linen blue tuxedo. Other than this if you want dressy styles then you can go with silk tuxedo or velve tuxedo. These materials have a sheen about them which will give you a rich and posh look. The lapels on the tuxedo jacket should also be selected with care. Go for peak collar blue tuxedo for formal events and shawl collar blue tuxedo for semi formal and casual events.