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Grey Tuxedo Black Lapel

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mens tuxedos with different color lapel are the recent style that is making the rounds among mens fashion. The lapel of the tuxedo has a different color from the rest of the jacket color and this gives a new style twist to the classic tuxedo version. In this article we discuss about grey tuxedo black lapel and some styling tips for the garment.

black tuxedos have been the norm for formal events for a long time now. But with time men are leaning towards colored tuxedos. When it comes to formal events it is best to go with dark colored tuxedos that make you look classy and sleek. grey tuxedos are a good alternative for the black tuxedos when you want to stand out from the crowd. Grey is a neutral color and thus is a great choice when you need subtle alternative to the usual black tuxedo style. Lapels are the most important element of the tuxedos and will be sure to garner attention. Grey tuxedo black lapel will give you a contrasting look that is different from the usual styles. If you are thinking if trying out the grey tuxedo black lapel style you should note some factors that are important to make a perfect pick.

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As for the fabric of the tuxedo you can opt to go with wool grey tuxedo black lapel when you need a formal style. The soft fabric is breathable and comfortable to wear and the material also drapes well giving the garment a perfect fit. If you live in a tropical country or looking for a summer garment then you can try out the cotton grey tuxedo black lapel as the lightweight replacement of wool tuxedos. For semi formal and casual events like beach weddings it is best to go with linen grey tuxedo black lapel. Linen is a great fabric for summer and has better properties than cotton except that they wrinkle easily. This is the reason why it is mostly restricted for semi formal and casual events.

For cocktail parties and fancy events it is recommended to go a little crazy with silk grey tuxedo black lapel or velvet grey tuxedo black lapel. The sheen of the fabric when combined with the sleek look of the tuxedo will give you a perfect look for the fancy events. When you need a budget buy you can go with polyester grey tuxedo black lapel or rayon grey tuxedo black lapel.

As for styling the garment a peak lapel grey tuxedo black lapel style is the best when it comes to formal events. When you need a dressy look then you can go with shawl lapel grey tuxedo black lapel style. A classic fit grey tuxedo black lapel styled with white shirt and black bow tie is a great look for any formal event. For a little dressier look you can pair the slim fit grey tuxedo black lapel with black satin shirt and tuxedo pants. As for the shoes go with formal ones like black patent tuxedo shoes.