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Navy Blue Jacket Blue tuxedos can be a versatile choice depending on how you style it. Most of us tend to go with black tuxedos when it comes to any event. But in recent times the colored tuxedos are starting to dominate the mens fashion. Blue tuxedos are a good choice since you can wear them to both formal and casual events. In this article we are going to discuss about blue tuxedos and how best to style them for different events.

As with all the colored garments the shade of the blue tuxedos is the main thing that you will have to note. Depending on the nature and formality of the event for which you are getting the mens tuxedo you can select the shade of the tuxedo. For example if you are getting the tuxedo for formal events you should go with dark tones of blue tuxedos. For semi formal and casual occasions you can go with lighter and brighter shades of blue tuxedos.

For example if the event that you attend is a strictly formal one like black tie ones then you should go with midnight blue tuxedos. Midnight blue tuxedos and navy blue tuxedos are considered to be appropriate for the formal events. Most formal Blue Vest Suit events tend to happen after sundown. Darker colored garments look great under the artificial light and thus it is better to go with darker clothes when it comes to formal events after sundown. On the contrary if you are attending a semi formal event then you can go with relatively brighter colored blue tuxedos. Royal blue tuxedos are best when it comes to casual events like summer weddings and such. You can also go with lighter ones like light blue tuxedos if you want a stylish look. The brighter and lighter colors tend to look great in summer. The dark colored garments tend to absorb a lot of heat and thus it is better to stick with lighter colored garments in the warmer months. Apart from the solid ones you can also go with patterned blue tuxedos for a more stylish look. Floral blue tuxedos and paisley blue tuxedos are the best for a rich look. Silk tuxedos with patterns look great for special events like weddings and parties.

As for styling the blue tuxedos you can go with three piece blue tuxedos or two piece blue tuxedos. The three piece blue tuxedos have a vest or cummerbund added to the mix. The vested blue tuxedos give you a more formal look when compared with the two piece look.

You can pair the blue tuxedos with a crisp white dress shirt for a clean look. It is always best to go with bow ties when it comes to tuxedos. You can wear a blue bow tie that matches with the rest of the tuxedo. You can also go with black bow ties for a more distinguished look. Blue tuxedos with black collars are also available. You can select the ones that will best suit your need.