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Peak Lapel Tuxedos


Blue Navy Tuxedo Peak lapels are one of the most popular lapel styles in the formal garments. They are mostly found on tuxedos, suits, overcoats and such. They are also widely seen in the vintage fashions. In this article we are going to discuss about the peak lapel tux and how best to style them.

Peak lapel tuxedos are considered to be the most formal style in tuxedos. Peak lapels were the major style in the 1920s and continued till the 1940s. During the Second World War the style fell in popularity but came again in the 1970s. The peak lapel tux are best suited for evening events and can even be worn to the white tie events. It is also a style that is widely seen on the dressier suits and other garments.

There are a lot of styles in the peak lapel tuxedos and you can pick the one that best suits you. double breasted tuxedos are the ones that are the standard for formal garments. The double breasted style and the peak lapel style are both formal and when combined together are sartorially harmonious. This style is considered to be the dressiest style of tuxedos you can find in the market. If you want a little more casual style, then you can go with single breasted peak lapel tux. They are less formal than the double breasted ones but are a smart choice. You can style the single breasted to both formal and casual events which are not the case with the double breasted ones. This versatility is the reason why the single breasted ones are preferred more. Single breasted are a good choice for spring and summer weddings compared to double breasted ones because of their bulkiness.

When you are going with the 3 piece option then peak lapel tuxedos are the best. When you are wearing a vest then the peak lapels on the tuxedos create a harmonious look for the formal look. 3 piece are the best for weddings and other formal events. For a relaxed look you can go with 2 piece peak lapel tux.

Double Breasted Suits As for the color of the peak lapel tuxedos there are two options for you to choose from. There are tuxedos that have the peak lapels in the same color as the rest of the tuxedo and there are tuxedos that have contrasting color of peak lapels. You can go with all black tuxedos if you are looking for a formal garment that you can wear to black tie events or any other events. If you want a style that is different than usual black ones then you can go with navy blue tuxedos or midnight blue since it will give you a stylish look that is appropriate for the formal events. The most preferred ones in terms of fit are slim fit tuxedos and skinny fit peak lapel.

There is nothing as appropriate as wearing a peak lapel tuxedo to a formal event. The peak lapel tuxedo is the perfect pick when it comes to formality. You can also find shawl lapel tuxedos but they are less formal the peak lapel tuxedos. If you do not know what lapel means; the folding on your chest which is located right below the collar is called the lapel and the top edge of the lapel is designed in a certain angle which resembles a peak and that is why the lapel is referred as a peak lapel. Though we have peak lapels on tuxedo it was originally was on tailcoats.

You can find this particular type of lapel almost in every coats and jackets. Peak lapel can look great on both single breasted tuxedo and double breasted tuxedo. There are a lot of styles, patterns and sizes available making it a perfect for anyone. When you wear a single breasted peak lapel tuxedo it gives a taller and a slimmer appearance to the wearer. It is a perfect choice for men who are short. When you buy a tuxedo ultimately the lapel is made of satin or silk. The satin peak lapel tux give you a luxurious look and also helps you standout in a crowd. You can find a lot of people wearing notch lapel tuxedos and the other outfits, as peak lapel tux are a rare sight you can confidently dress up in a peak lapel tuxedo without thinking twice. It will surely make heads turn around to have a glimpse on your look.

Satin Vested Tuxedo The fit of a peak lapel tuxedo is also equally important; the most preferred fit is the slim fit. Slim fit peak lapel tuxedo compliments your looks they follow closely to the body giving a perfect fit. Anyone can wear a slim fit peak lapel tuxedo as it is the ideal tuxedo for all types of body. Always dress up smartly to which ever event you go to, style up a peak lapel properly with the accessories which make you look elegant. A regular fit or the classic fit will be perfect for little older men who do not like their clothing sticking on to them. A regular or a classic fit peak lapel tuxedo helps the wearer move freely without any trouble. A modern fit tuxedo is a fit that falls between a classic fit and a slim fit, not being too tight or too loose. Overdoing a look is not necessarily a bad idea until you don't mess up the look.

It is a great choice if you want to wear it for a wedding, surely you will be unique when you wear this tuxedo. Wearing this mens tuxedo helps you gain a lot of attention from the others on a positive note. Your chest part will be highlighted more than any other region. So make sure to add the right accessories to the look, you can wear a cummerbund for a more traditional look. You can try adding a suspender with the cummerbund, so when you take of the tuxedo jacket you will still look stylish. Always cummerbund's pleats should face upwards. You can wear a three piece lapel tuxedo by adding a low cut vest; it will definitely help enhancing your look.

A pocket square will help you in adding more details to your looks as well. Choosing a right pocket square is important, get a contrasting pocket square to look great. But don't ever forget that when you wear a patterned tuxedo you can keep a solid pocket square, when you wear a solid peak lapel tuxedo then you can style it with a patterned pocket square. Never match your pocket square with your tuxedo. It is always better to learn on how to style up a peak lapel tuxedo properly. When the lapel is elongated it makes the wearer's body look long. Cufflinks are small accessories which helps you to enhance the cuffs, remember small details can bring huge difference to your outfit. Likewise cufflinks makes your cuff look fancier than just being a normal cuff.

Merlot Tuxedo Choosing a right fabric for peak lapel tuxedo is a must to consider before buying a tuxedo. There is nothing as comfortable as a wool peak lapel tuxedo; they have a lot of good properties in general. They can maintain your body temperature well, when it is hot it keeps you cool and when it is cold it will keep you warm. This property makes wool peak lapel tuxedo perfect for any season. They are absorbent which means you can go a full day without having to worry about being sweaty. They are so gentle on your skin, you will not feel itchy. It does not wrinkle easily so you do not have to worry about wearing a wool peak lapel tuxedo for a full day doing a lot of activities. They are biodegradable; they can also be recycled as well. They are breathable, which means they allow the skin to breathe well so that the skin stays healthy.

I wouldn't say there are no other types of fabric available for tuxedo, but I can surely say wool peak lapel tuxedo will never let you down. Polyester peak lapel tuxedos can give a fancy look to the wearer and are easy to care. They are durable and resistant to wrinkling; polyester is also a very strong fabric and a lightweight fabric as well making it another preferable fabric for a tuxedo. Polyester is a well known fabric in the fashion industry. They can maintain their shape very well for a long time without getting messed. They give a silky touch which emits a luxurious aura from you, making you the center of the attraction of the event.

Choose a perfect formal tuxedo dress shirt to give a nice finished classy look. A white tuxedo shirt will give you a formal look. Decide the look you want to achieve and dress up accordingly. Dress up perfectly forma when you attend a formal event and do a relaxed styling when you attend a casual event.