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Navy Tuxedo

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Wedding Tuxedo Black tuxedos have dominated the formal fashion world of men for a long time now. But in recent times a new style is taking the front seat which is the navy tuxedos. Now you can see a lot of people opting to go with navy tuxedos for the most formal events like black tie events and such. Here is everything that you need to know about the navy tuxedos style and why you need to get one if you don't have it already.

The popularity of the navy tuxedos may be attributed to the overindulgence of the black tuxedos. It's been over a century since the origin of tuxedos and for majority of that period men have stayed satisfied with black tuxedos except that one time they actually decided to stray away with midnight blue tuxedos. The midnight blue tuxedos at that short period of time gained much popularity because of its blacker than black image in artificial lighting. This also may be one of the reasons for the domination of navy tuxedos. The navy tuxedos have a dark shade that looks darker under artificial lighting and also works great for daytime events. Black tuxedos might give a faded look especially if they aren't brand new.

Also blue is a color that men tend to go with without thinking twice. And the dark shade of blue like navy is considered to be formal and thus is a good choice for mens tuxedos. Arguably navy tuxedos are the only ones that are considered to be a worthy alternative to the black tuxedos in the formal events. Also navy tuxedos give you a stylish look and can make you stand out from the crowd of black tuxedos. So if you are convinced and are thinking of getting a navy tuxedo then here are some tips that might be helpful for you.

Wedding Tuxedo The material of the navy tuxedos can influence the look to a great degree. If you are getting the garment for formal use then go with wool navy tuxedos. For a light weight alternative cotton navy tuxedos are the best. If you are getting the tuxedo for semi formal or casual use then you can opt to go with linen navy tuxedo. Luxurious ones like silk navy tuxedo and velvet navy tuxedo are for special occasions. For a cheaper price go with synthetic ones like polyester navy tuxedos and rayon navy tuxedos.

The lapels on the tuxedo matter a great deal since they are one of the most distinguishing factors. Peak lapel navy tuxedos are best for formal events while you can go with shawl lapel navy tuxedos for special events like wedding and such. You can also opt to go with navy tuxedo black lapel type for a distinct look. A 3 piece navy tuxedo look is the best for the events where you intend to dress up. Other than the solid navy tuxedo style you can also opt to go with patterned ones like Paisley navy tuxedo and floral navy tuxedo.