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Black tuxedos have been the norm of mens formal dressing for a long time. Be it for the black tie events or simply evening gatherings you will definitely need a black tuxedo to get through the day. Black tuxedos aren't anything new in terms of mens wear. They have long been the norm and this norm has been scarcely replaced by any other colored tuxedos. But there is nothing impossible and that also applies to this case. We already said that the black tuxedos have long been in history and in the same history there was a time once the black tuxedos took the back seat and were replaced with midnight blue tuxedos. The men at that time were open for the change and also saw the superiority of the midnight blue tuxedos when compared to their black counterparts. The midnight blue ones according the recorded context were known to look blacker than black in under the artificial lights of the evening and still more black in the pictures taken. Hence, the color flourished and was preferred more than the black tuxedos. After some time the black tuxedos regained their stature and has continued to maintain it.

But the times are changing and the people are now more open to the unconventional choices. You can see the proof of this in the award shows which usually floods with black tuxedos now replaced to a large extent by the grey tuxedos. Grey tuxedo is a beautiful alternative to anyone who is already bored with the black tuxedo or simply would love to try on a new style. The added benefit with the grey tuxedo is that they are available in a lot of shades which is not the case with black ones. Thus, the grey tuxedo gives you a sense of individuality and also helps you stand out from the sea of black tuxedos.

Another place that the grey tuxedos score more is the weddings. If you are the groom and are opting to go with a formal wedding then the first recommendation that you will get on your outfit basis is the black tuxedo. But remember that it is the obvious choice for a formal event and this there is a high chance that majority of your guests would turn up dressed in the black tuxedos. This isn't a horrible thing but it should your big day and thus you should be dressed in a way so that people can easily distinguish you from the crowd. Grey tuxedo is one great choice on this aspect and would definitely give you the boost that you require. Also, as we said before there are a lot of shades in grey tuxedos and this means that you can select the shade of your wedding grey tuxedo in regard with the season and time of the day at which the wedding is scheduled to happen. If it is a summer or outdoor wedding you can go with lighter shades of grey tuxedo and dark shades of grey tuxedo for winter weddings.