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Midnight Blue Tuxedo

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Weddings are one of the most important events in every man's life. We have pictures taken on that day that will last a lifetime. Hence it is important that you are dressed impeccably for the event. Tuxedos are the ones that are most recommended garments for a groom. But if you are bored with the formal black tuxedos that we are used to it is better to go with mandarin collar tuxedos.

Mandarin Nehru Collar Jacket Collarless Style Light Grey Prom Mandarin Nehru Collar Jacket Collarless Style Prom
For people who don't know already mandarin collar is an unfolded stand up collar that rises up the neckline for a few centimetres. The edges of the mandarin collar rarely meet each other or in some cases overlap slightly. Tuxedos are garments that are considered to be more formal than the suits. The collars on the tuxedos are the most distinguishing feature that makes it special when compared to the suits. Peak lapelled tuxedos are the most formal type of tuxedos. shawl lapel tuxedos are considered to be a more dressy style. But these two styles are the ones that are used mostly. So if you are the groom and if you want a garment that makes you stand out from the crowd of usuals then go with mandarin collar tuxedos.

Slim Cut Mirage Tuxedo The mandarin collar tuxedos are the best alternatives to your regular tuxedos and can raise your style quotient. Another main advantage of the mandarin collar tuxedos is that they are the most versatile style that you can get. You can style the mandarin collar tuxedos to both formal and casual events. The mandarin collars are also widely known as Chinese collars, nehru suit, grandad collar and many other names. Thus you need not confuse much about the names.

The mandarin collar tuxedos will fit your neck beautifully since the collar has a curved fit. The central closure of the mandarin collar tuxedos have a straight or rounded edge making the garment look royal. Thus if you want a subtle yet elegant design then it is best for you to go with mandarin collar tuxedos. There are many styles in the mandarin collar tuxedos and you can select the one that best suits your needs.

Wedding Groomsmen Tuxedo Suit When it comes to weddings the formality of the event determines the garments that you go for. If you are going with a very formal type of wedding then it is best for you to choose double breasted tuxedos. But if you are a person who does not wear formal styles often then you can go with the single breasted mandarin collar tuxedos. The single breasted styles are more versatile than the double breasted styles and can be styled to various events.

The fit of the mandarin collar tuxedos matter a lot in projecting the overall look. Always go with slimmer garments that accentuate your body type. Slim fit mandarin collar tuxedos are one of the most preferred fits when it comes to off the rack tuxedos. You can also go with designer mandarin collar tuxedos and luxurious mandarin collar tuxedos for your special day.