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Indigo Blue Tuxedo

Indigo Blue Tuxedo When we think of tuxedos our mind automatically provides us with the image of a black tuxedo since they are the most classic and popular. It is true that the black tuxedo with white dress shirt and black bow tie ensemble can work for most formal events but there are a lot more styles for you to try out rather than sticking with this basic look. In this article we discuss the indigo tuxedos and some of the best ways in which you can style them.

Blue is obviously one of the colors that men feel comfortable wearing and thus most mens wardrobe are filled with blue garments be it formal or casual. This is because of the fact that blue works well with most colors and make the outfit look relevant. This is no exception for the tuxedos and this makes the blue tuxedos one of the most popularly sought out styles in mens fashion. You might be aware of the fact that there are numerous shades of blue and each have their own characteristic which distinguishes them from the other.

Dark shades of the tuxedos like the navy blue tuxedos and midnight blue tuxedos are the ones that are most preferred since they give out a grounded look for the wearer. There was even a time in history where the midnight blue tuxedos were considered to be superior than the black tuxedos. But at the end of the day these dark blue tuxedos are also subtle styles which makes you blend in with the crowd. But if you are looking for a style that makes you stand out then indigo tuxedos should be your choice.

Indigo blue us a deep and rich shade of blue and they are closer to the shades like wheel blue and ultramarine. The name indigo is Latin for indian since the dye is originally believed to have exported to Europe from India. It is an intense shade which will be sure to attract some attention on your outfit. This is the reason why the indigo tuxedos are recommended for the special occasions where you want to look dressed up.

Indigo Blue Tu Indigo blue is the shade that is on the brighter side of the color spectrum and thus will give you a look that might be a little overwhelming for the subtle dressers. If you are hesitant about going with the brighter style then you can choose to style the indigo blue tuxedo jacket with standard colored combining garments. For example if you are the groom of the wedding you are allowed to go with a flashier style and thus you can choose to style the single breasted with a white dress shirt and velvet blue bow tie. You can complete the look by adding with the outfit a pair of patent leather navy oxford shoes. This will make you stand out from the crowd of your guests showing up in tuxedos and suits.

The shirt that you wear with the indigo blue is an important detail to note. The shirt that you choose can depend on the type of event that you are attending and the look that you are aiming for. If you are a traditionalist then it is best for you to go with styling the suit with wing collar shirt. But if you want a little more laid back look then you can choose to go with pairing the turndown collar shirt with the mens. Whichever the shirt style you are going with make sure that you choose the French cuff ones since there should be clear distinction between the regular wear white dress shirts and the ones that you pair with the tuxedos.

The fabric of the indigo blue tuxedos also plays a major role in the type of look that you need. For example the wool indigo would give you a more formal and fitting look than that of the lightweight styles like cotton tuxedos. When you need a dressier look then you can choose to go with the silk and velvet since the natural sheen of the material makes your outfit look classier and more sophisticated. If you are thinking more contemporary like for fun parties and such then you can choose to go with the indigo blue sequin tuxedos.

Indigo Blue As for styling the men's indigo blue tux there are numerous ways in which you can make the look work and it greatly depends on the nature of the event you are attending. For example if you are attending a wedding or you are the groom in the wedding then you should go with the classic styling of the indigo blue wedding with appropriate combining garments. The best would be to go with the outfit of pairing it with a tuxedo shirt and a matching bow tie. Instead of belt you can choose suspenders to give your bottom a more fitting look. This classic styling would also be the best for groomsmen outfit. When you need a formal and dressed up look you can try going with the 3 piece indigo blue tuxedo look.

But if you are attending a semi formal event then you can let loose the rules a little and try out more modern styling of the indigo blue tuxedo. For example you can choose to style the blue tuxedo jacket with a light blue silk dress shirt and a pair of black dress pants. You can complete the look by adding with it a pair of brown leather Chelsea boots. If you are dressing for a summer wedding or any summer parties you can choose to style the indigo blue mens tuxedo jacket with a white dress shirt and a pair of white dress pants. Leave out the tie option and add with the outfit a pair of tobacco leather brogues.