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Sky Blue Tuxedo

mens tuxedos If you are a person who is looking for a break from the usual black tuxedo fashion then you are in luck. The colored tuxedos fashion has risen to popularity in recent times. Based on the occasion you can choose a colored tuxedo instead of the black tuxedo. One such colored option is the sky blue tuxedo and here are some tips on how to style them.

Sky blue tuxedos give you a stylish youthful look. Sky blue tuxedos might not be appropriate for the strictly formal events like black tie and white tie events. Other than that you can wear the tuxedos for semi formal and casual events. Sky blue is a light color and hence it may be better if you style them for day events. The light colors might look faded out after sundown but they look great under the natural light.

Summer weddings are one such event where you can rock the sky blue tuxs look. Outdoor weddings mostly happen during summer or spring and wearing a sky blue will give you great pictures. Also if you are the groom going with s will make sure that you stand out from the crowd on your special day. Thus people who love trying out new styles and don't mind standing out from the crowd are recommended to go with sky blue tuxedos.

mens tuxedos As for the details involved most of the men go with wool tuxedos since they drape well. But since sky blue tuxedos are a summer style then you can go with cotton and linen tuxedos. These lightweight will keep you cool even through the hottest of days. If you want a garment that is within your tight budget then you can go with synthetic materials like polyester and rayon sky blue tuxedos. These materials are recommended for instant use but are not a good choice if you want a garment that lasts. If you are getting the tuxedo for party use then go with flashy ones like sequin tuxedo and velvet tuxedo.

The lapels on the tuxedo jacket play a major part in the overall look. If you want a formal look you can go with peak lapel sky blue tux and pair it with a white dress shirt. You can add a pair of patent leather shoes to complete the look. If you want a dressy look that you can wear to occasions like weddings then you can go with shawl collar tuxedos. They are less formal than the peak lapels but give you a dressy look. There are also designs of sky blue tux that come with black lapels. You can pair this style of sky blue tuxedos with white shirt or you can opt to go with black shirt for a more stylish look. When you are going with a black shirt you can also go with black tuxedo pants for an enhanced look.