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Flower Tuxedo

flower tux Tuxedos have been viewed as the perfect formal wear for any of the strictly formal events that men attend. The black tuxedos and the midnight blue tuxedos have been the norm for a long time now. But with time there are new styles in tuxedos coming out which you can wear for semi formal and casual events. These fashion tuxedos give you a stylish look and are becoming the trend in recent times. In this article we are discussing the flower tuxedos which are also widely known as floral tuxedos and how you can pick a perfect one for yourself.

The fashion tuxedos like the print tuxedos and the are not suitable for formal events like black tie events. They are more suited for fun events and other formal events where you are required to dress up. The flower tuxedos can attract a lot of attention and thus are best for the summer and spring events. The bold pattern will make you look trendy and when combined with bright palettes can give you an enviable look. There are different styles in flower blazers and you can choose the one that would suit your style.

If you are getting the flower tuxedo for a formal event then it would be a good choice to go with the ones with subtle patterns on it. And when you pair this formal with proper combining garments then you can get an elegant outfit that will make you stand out from the crowd of usual dressers but doing it in a subtle way. As for the casual they usually come in bold patterns that will instantly catch the attention of the viewer. You can select the type of tux based on your requirement and the event for which you are purchasing the tuxedo.

The color of the flower tuxedo that you choose also matters a great deal since they become the first thing that a viewer note about your outfit. Black tuxedos and midnight tuxedos are subtle choices while you can go with Burgundy tuxedos and dark green when you want to try something a little more daring. As for summer styles bright colored ones like pink and light blue tuxedos also work.

flower tux The fabric of the flower influence a great deal the comfort of the garment. Wool flower are the best choice for formal events since they also drape well. Wool are also available in different price ranges making it the most preferable one among all fabrics. If you looking for the casua tuxedo that you can wear for summer parties and such then you can go with the cotton f or the linen. For special occasions the silk and the velvet f can be a good choice. All these natural fabric tuxedos can be a little costly since they have good durability and also keep the wearer comfortable in the respective seasons. But when you need a budget buy then you can go with synthetic ones like polyester and rayon flower tuxedos.

After selecting the right type of you should next focus on perfectly styling the garment. For flower it is always advisable to pair it with combining garments of neutral colors. For example if you are styling a navy flower for a formal event then you can pair it with a white tuxedo shirt, a black bow tie and black tuxedo pants. You can complement the look of the outfit with a pair of black leather oxford shoes. For summer style you can replace the dark colored combining garments and go for the lighter ones like white and cream. By pairing the garment with these block neutral colors you will be able to bring out the essence and let it be the main piece of the outfit. It might be a good choice to avoid wearing the with patterned combining garments since the patterns might clash with each other making the outfit look too busy.

While selecting the flower tuxedo make sure that you go with the one that you are comfortable with. If you consider the large patterns to be too bold for you then you should start out with the flower that come with minimal patterns on it. This also applies in the terms of the color of the flower. If you are a subtle dresser then a bright garment like yellow flower would be a mistake since you will not feel comfortable while wearing the garment. Hence stick with the styles that you think that you can confidently pull off.

flower tux The details on the mens tuxedos should be properly noted so that the garment gives you an impeccable look. For example a navy peak lapel paired with a white dress shirt, black tie and black tuxedo pants is a good style when you need a formal look. A multicolor shawl lapel paired with a white dress shirt, black velvet bow tie and black tuxedo pants with satin side strips can be a great style for a summer groom. You can add a boutonniere and a pair of black leather loafers for the look to be perfect.

The fit of the flower tuxedo is another important factor to note. Slim fit paired with a white V neck tshirt and white chinos is a cool summer style that you can try. You can complete the look with a pair of tan suede tassel loafers. For a casual look you can pair the classic fit tux with a crew neck white tshirt and blue skinny jeans. The modern fit can be worn for both formal and casual events when paired with appropriate combining garments. Make sure you can go with the fit that complements your body type.