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mens tuxedos white tuxedo have been the norm for special occasions for a very long time. But nowadays there is an increasing trend of men going with colored tuxedos like gold tuxedos. In this article we are therefore going to discuss about gold tux and how best to style them.

When we say gold tuxedos we do not mean the shiny gold ones which are more suited to costume parties. Instead we are talking about gold tuxedos that you can wear to special occasions that will make you look elegant and stylish at the same time. For this you should go with tuxedos that have the gold color incorporated into them in certain level. The full gold ones are mostly not recommended since one mishap can make you look like a clown. Also when purchasing the, make sure to check the sheen of the material. If you can see the reflection of your face on the sleeves then it is better to get with subtle ones. Thus making sure that you get the subtle appropriate one is the first step in purchasing the gold tux.

There are a lot of styles in gold tuxedos and you can choose the one that best suits your need. You can pair the jacket with a pair of black tuxedo pants for a elegant look. If you are attending a relatively formal event then go with slightly darker shades of gold tuxedos. Darker the tuxedo more formal it is. Other than the solid you can also go with patterned ones for a more stylish look. The patterned are the ones that are most preferred for dressy events like weddings and dinner parties. Mens floral red and mens floral black and gold tuxedos are some of the recommendations when you need a stylish garment.

The details on the tuxedos matter a lot when it comes to purchasing. The lapels on the tuxedo jacket play a major role in determining the formality of the garment. Peak lapel gold tuxs are considered to be a formal style. But if you want a dressy style then you should go with shawl collar gold tuxedos. If you are the groom of the wedding and you are thinking of trying out the gold style then shawl collar gold tux is your best pick. The lapels or collars on the gold tux also come in different colors than the rest of the tuxedo. This creates a contrasting look which makes it more stylish. Mens black and gold tuxedo with black shawl collar is a good pick for special occasions. You can pair the tuxedo jacket with a pair of black tuxedo pants and add a black bow tie to the mix. Other than this there are also flashy ones like sharkskin gold tux and fancy velvet gold tux which will make you look luxurious. The fit of the tuxedos matter a lot and hence it is best to go with slim fit gold tuxedos.

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