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1920s Tuxedo


1920s Tuxedo The secret to 1920s tuxedos style success doesn't lie only in the selection of a great tuxedo. It also lies in the selection of the perfect fit.

How are 1920s Tux Supposed to Fit?
If you're shopping for vintage tuxedos that will help you achieve that amazing 1920s formal look, there are numerous factors you should always carefully consider. It isn't only important to search for discount tuxedos that look sharp, dapper and visually interesting. It's also important to search for suits that fit the right way.

A tuxedo that doesn't fit correctly might as well not exist. Gentlemen who want to make waves with their formal attire should always focus on strong fits. It's also important to acknowledge the fact that fits that are suitable these days aren't necessarily up to par with standards from decades and decades ago. The 1920s tuxedos are a whole other style ballgame.

1920s Tuxedos Jacket
1920s Tux Men who want to rock authentic looks may want to look for fitted jackets in black. These kinds of jackets started gaining popularity during the 1910s. They remained à la mode well into the following decade, too. A fitted jacket should be relatively tight against the upper body. That means steering clear of any looseness. If you want your 1920s tux style to shine, search for a jacket that's contoured well.

Finding a nice 1920s tuxedo jacket also calls for some attention to length. Tuxedo jackets of this era generally were on the longer side. They usually went past the hips. Peaked and notched lapels were particularly commonplace during this time period. These lapels became considerably wider throughout the decade, however.

1920s TuxPants
1920s Tuxedo You can't complete a fantastic 1920s tux getup without a fantastic pair of formal trousers. If you're looking around for discount suits or tuxedos, smart trouser selection is imperative, no two ways about it. The last thing you want to do is select the wrong pair. Trousers that had extremely high waists were all the rage in the 1920s. They were even higher than the natural waistline. Men kept them up with the assistance of suspenders. Side leg trim depended on the overall look. If you're planning on wearing a dinner jacket, look for a trim that consists of just one slender braid. If you want to minimize your "formal" factor a bit, you can go for satin strips.

Trousers for 1920s fashion for men had narrow legs. They were noticeably short as well. If you want to look genuinely 1920s in your tuxedo, don't be afraid to let other people see your socks. It doesn't matter if you're sitting or standing, either. Socks on display were no big deal.

Buy 1920s Tux Online
Finding great discount tuxedos doesn't have to be something that makes your head spin. It's simply a task that requires patience and attention to detail. If you're shopping for superb discount tuxedos that will help you look like a vision of debonair style from the 1920s, you should concentrate on excellent materials, cuts and fits. You'll be good as gold if you do those things.