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Silver Tuxedo

Gray Suits Most of the time men tend to go with the usual colors like blue and black especially with tuxedos. If you are one among them it is time that you induce some variety to your wardrobe. Any type of clothing that you avoid thinking that it is hard to pull off is not impossible to look good in. You just have to style it right and know the events when you can rock the style. In this article we are going to discuss one of the most underused styles which is the silver tuxedo and learn how to style them right.

When you imagine silver tuxedos don't think about the overly shiny ones that you see in the old sci-fi movies. The main thing with the silver tuxedos is to select the shade right. If you see your face reflecting on the sleeves of the jacket then step back a little. If you go with the subtle ones with a little bit of sheen about them then you are on the right track. The silver tuxedos are nowadays making a comeback on the runways and red carpets and there is no better time than now to try out this style.

Gray Tuxedo The material from which the silver tuxedo is made from also matters. If you want a sophisticated look that you can wear to most formal events then you can go with a wool silver tuxedo . The soft material will keep you comfortable throughout the event. Also with the wool material the sheen of the silver tuxedo will not be too much. Thus if you are looking for a silver tuxedo that can give you a subtle yet stylish look then wool silver tuxedo must be your pick.

If you live in a place with mild winters then you can go with lightweight ones like linen silver tuxedo and cotton silver tuxedo. Tuxedos are not worn often and only used for rare events. The lightweight ones can be worn in the warmer months and for slightly colder ones add an overcoat to the mix to keep yourself warm.

Other than this if you want an elegant and rich look you can go with mens velvet tuxedo jacket. The material in itself looks sophisticated and can easily be the best choice for the dressy requirements. Silk silver tuxedos are also one of the best picks when you want a dressy style. The material has a sheen about it that will make you stand out among the crowd.

All the above mentioned ones are the natural fabrics and thus can get a little costly. If you want a silver tuxedo that fits in a tight budget then it is best to go with synthetic ones. Polyester silver tuxedo and rayon silver tuxedo are the ones that come at a lower cost than the natural fabric ones. The synthetic ones are comfortable to wear but may not last long like the natural fabrics. Also the sheen of these materials can make your silver tuxedo look cheap. So it is best to stick with the natural fabrics and only on the rare cases go with synthetic options.

Silver Tuxedo While selecting the silver tuxedo there are a lot of options to choose from. Most of the time men tend to avoid styles like the all silver tuxedo since they consider it to be too flashy. In these cases you can go with styles like two tone silver tuxedos and such. For example some silver tuxedos come with a combination of two colors on it with silver in a minimal degree. So if you want to try out the silver tuxedo but consider all silver one to be too much then go with the other options.

Other than the solid ones silver tuxedos are also available with patterns. This is the style that is most preferred rather than the all silver tuxedos. If you want a stylish pick then go with options like floral silver tuxedo and paisley silver tuxedo. These fashion silver tuxedos are the ones that are best suited for special events. Silver patterns on black looks exceptionally great and give you a rich stylish look.

When styling the silver suit make sure that it is of perfect fit. Silver tuxedo is not an usual style and thus will be sure to attract attention. Thus it is important that you wear the perfect fit. Men who are tall and lean can go with skinny fit silver tuxedo. If you are on the shorter side then you can go with slim fit silver tuxedo since the fit can make you look taller. Other than this there is the classic fit silver tuxedo that can fit all body shapes.

Silver Jacket The details on the silver tuxedo also matter a great deal. For formal events make sure you go with peak lapel silver tuxedo. notch lapel tuxedo is a rare style to get and is not used widely. But if you want a dressier look then you should go with shawl lapel tuxedo. The lapel on the tuxedo jacket can be of the same color or different color than the rest of the tuxedo. Silver tuxedo with black shawl lapel is a good look that you can wear to formal events. As for wedding silver tuxedo. you can go with other colors with silver patterns or you can style an all silver tuxedo based on your preference.

The main thing with silver tuxedo is to know how and when to wear it. Silver tuxedos cannot be worn to the most formal events like black tie events and is best for the semi formal ones like weddings and family dinners. Other than this you can wear the silver tuxedo for any event that requires you to dress up in stylish garments for example award events. For purchasing the best silver tuxedo, know the different styles available. There are a lot of sites available nowadays and thus you can pick out your silver tuxedo online without much effort.

Most of us are used to wearing black tuxedos regardless of the formality of the events. Black tuxedos are perfect for the black tie and other strictly formal events but when it comes to semi formal and casual events you can add a little more style with opting for silver tuxedos. Silver tuxedos have a sheen about them which makes you stand out from the crowd of usual tuxedos. In this article we are going to discuss about silver tuxedos and how best to style them.

We can already sense your hesitation when we say silver tuxedos. The main thing about the silver tuxedos is to select the right shade. If you see your reflection on the sleeves of your silver tuxedo then it means that it is too shiny. Go with the shade that will have a subtle sheen about them. Choosing the right shade will make you look elegant and stylish at the same time.

Silver-Gray-Shiny-Sharkskin-Suit Mens-Shiny-Silver-Tuxedo
You should style the silver tuxedos keeping in mind the formality of the event. The silver tuxedos might be too flashy for formal occasions like black tie events. Therefore it is best to style the silver tuxedos for casual and dressy events like weddings and prom. Wedding silver tuxedos are the ones that are most preferred in the recent times. If you are the groom you can coordinate your silver tuxedo look with that of your bride for an enhanced look. As for prom silver tuxedos, it is a good choice if you want to have a distinct look.

If you are thinking of going with the silver tuxedo look, there are some things that you will have to note. The first thing is the material of the silver tuxedo. If you want a formal look then you can go with wool silver tuxedos. The heavy material drapes over the body of the wearer easily and gives an accurate fit. If you want to escape the heat during the summer then you can go with lightweight options like linen silver tuxedo and cotton silver tuxedo. Linen is one of the best summer fabrics known to mankind. The only drawback of it is that they tend to crumple easily and thus avoided being used as formal garments. Other than these natural fabrics you can also go with synthetic ones like polyester silver tuxedos and rayon silver tuxedos. These tuxedos will have a shine about them but are not made to last for a long time. For dressy looks you can go with silk silver tuxedos and velvet silver tuxedos.

As for the details go with single breasted silver tuxedos if you want a versatile addition to your wardrobe. double breasted tuxedos can be reserved for formal atmospheres. Other than the solid silver tuxedo you can go with patterned ones for a more stylish look. Paisley patterned black and silver tuxedo and floral patterned black and silver tuxedo are some of the recommendations for a fancy look. slim fit tuxedos are the ones most preferred by younger generation.