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James Bond Tuxedo

James Bond Tux Most men would argue that tuxedos are the most boring styles in menswear. Of course it is the most formal garment out there and had remained to be the same for centuries. But over all these years there has been little to no changes in the basic style of the mens tuxedos. But one man seems to be pulling off the style beautifully over years and he is James Bond. If you are as big a fan as us you might already have noticed the swag of the James bond . There are very few events that require you to wear a tuxedo and you have to look your absolute best for these events. Thus we have analyzed James tuxedo style for you and listed some tips and ideas for you to follow.

The decades old franchise “James Bond” is popular all over the world but the clothes that the character wears has a separate fanbase. James bond has been the icon of masculinity and people who love to dress up always looked up to the man. Over the decades since the origin of the franchise different designers have taken up the job of dressing James bond and everyone added their signature style to the character. But over all these years the charisma of the character has remained the same.

James Bond Tux Everything that the man wears is perfection but when you notice closely you might notice that the black tie attire that shows up in every film becomes one of the focal points of the film. Though we consider tuxedos to be a boring style it still manages to gain attention when styled properly. James bond is the proper proof of this theory. If you are a person who attends black tie events and want your outfit to be more interesting than usual then you can take inspiration from James bond tuxedo styles.

Over the years the James bond tuxedo suit style has evolved and travelling through these years and looking at those changes might reveal to you the fact that changes for the better need not be dramatic. While the tuxedo style has remained the same the small tweaks with time has made the James bond tuxedo look classier. Take notes from these small changes and then include it to your ideas while you are dressing for the events.

James Bond Tux Starting with our very first James bond in Mr. No you can note the James bond classic tuxedo style of the last century in the film. For this outfit the James bond is seen wearing a black tuxedo that comes with satin silk shawl collar and then pairs it with a pleated tuxedo white shirt and a Batwing bow tie. The buttons on the white tuxedo shirt are visible and Roger Moore also sports a similar style in the next film. The classic black James bond tux mens seems to be the rage at that time.

The next time we see Roger Moore in a tuxedo he switches to an off white tuxedo. This is a much bolder style when compared to the previous simpler black tuxedo styles but the man pulls it off with ease. The off white James bond suit comes with a peak lapel and the man pairs it with a white tuxedo shirt and a huge butterfly bow tie. The double breasted white dinner jacket is paired with black tuxedo pants. This is a cool tuxedo outfit that can work effortlessly today but with little tweaks in the fit and a much smaller bow tie.

James Bond Tuxedo As soon as Pierce Brosnan steps in we can see the change in the fit of the James bond outfits. This was the time when people started going with well fitting clothes. For the film Pierce Brosnan is seen wearing a black James bond tuxemens which he pairs with a white tuxedo shirt and a butterfly bow tie. The shirt has featured studs and this is the style that is preferred now when compared to the tuxedo shirts with visible buttons on it.

Next came Timothy Dalton and he is arguably one of the worst dressed James bond in the franchise. He was spotted wearing the outfit with clip on suspenders and a exposed waistband which is unacceptable even after decades of progress. While going with the tuxedo style make sure that you add a vest or cummerbund to cover the waistband. James bond tuxedo vest or a cummerbund features in almost all black tie attires of james bond and this the right way to pull off the tuxedo look.

James Bond Tux Sean Connery looks dapper in the black dinner jacket he wears along with a white tuxedo shirt and matching tuxedo pants. His James Bond tux is much more modernized with slim shawl collar and a slimmer bow tie. The ivory dinner jacket look that Sean Connery sports in the Goldfinger is another iconic look in the james bond tuxstyle history. The 2 button James bond outfit consists of a ivory dinner jacket with slim peak lapels and a bow tie. There is a red carnation spotted while he skips the pocket square. And then he pairs the ivory dinner jacket with a pair of black tuxedo pants.

While these are the vintage styles of the the one that will suit the present trends is worn by Daniel Craig. Our latest James bond perfectly captured the modernized version of the James style and gave us style goals throughout the films. Starting from the James bond mens summer suits to the spectre windowpane tuxedos everything makes us want to try it out for ourselves. While the above mentioned styles might be suitable for the costume events and vintage themed events Daniel Craig’s look is the one that you should choose for special occasions. For example if you are looking for wedding James bond tuxedos then you should go with the navy blue tuxedo with black lapel style of Daniel Craig.